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Page Title: Test methods and procedures
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horizontal reticle line shall be parallel to the
4.8 Test methods and procedures.
horizontal geometric axis within the limits
4.8.1 Environmental.
specified in 3.8.2 as measured on the target. Storage temperatures. This test Eyepiece few. Eyepiece focus test
shall be performed in accordance with pro-
is made with the aid of a 3-power dioptom-
cedure II of Specification MIL-F-13926 at
eter adjusted for the observer's. eye ac-
the specified temperatures. When the tele-
commodation. Locate the telescope with the
scope is thermally stabilized at room tem-
objective facing an illuminated white back-
perature it shall be. tested for compliance
ground so that the reticle pattern is clearly
with 3.5.1.
visible. Place the dioptometer in front of
the eyepiece and remove parallax between Vibration. The telescope shall be
reticles, by movement of the dioptometer
mounted on a vibration fixture equal to or
scale. The reading of the dioptometer scale
better than vibration fixture F7560085. The
will indicate the error which shall be within
vibration shall be at the amplitude, fre-
the limits of 3.8.3.
quency and duration specified. Subsequent
to the test, the telescope shall meet the re- Resolution. Resolution test is ac-
quirements of 8.5.2.
complished with the same setup used in The test shall be in accordance with Cleanliness. The optical surfaces
Specification MIL-O-13830 and shall meet
shall be inspected for cleanliness in accord-
the requirements of 3.8.4.
ance with Specification MIL-O-13830. The
size and quantity of dirt particles shall not Parallax. This test shall be accom-
exceed the requirements of 3.6
plished by sighting the telescope on a tar-
get at the distance specified in 3.8.5. Paral Sealing. The telescope shall be pres-
lax is recognized as any apparent move-
sure tested in accordance with the setup
ment of the recticle lines in relation to
and operating instructions on Drawing
F7680673 and shall meet the requirements
the target's image when the observer's head
is moved side to side or up and down.
of 3.7.
Parallax at the geometric axis shall not ex- Accuracy.
ceed the tolerance specified in 3.8.5. Collimation. Collimation test shall Reticle accuracy. Reticle accuracy
be accomplished by means of a final inspec-
test for the angular value of the graduation
tion and collimation fixture depicted on
marks is accomplished by means of a mil
Drawing F7681055 and listed on IEL 828-
block chart with dimensions suitable for
6960 and IEL-8299680. The telescope shall
the target distance utilized and based on the
be positioned in a horizontal plane with the
dimensional notes given on Drawing D821-
Keyway on top. When the telescope is
3863. The error for this test shall not exceed
properly oriented, the angular subtense of
the amount indicated in 3.8.6.
the angle formed by projecting the line of
sight through the boresight cross and a line
4.8.3 Illumination. Illumination test is a
of sight coincident to the intersecting point
visual check made in a darkened area as
of the target plumb line and the horizontal
indicated in 3.9.
crossline shall not exceed the value specified
4.8.4 Idcntification marking. Identification
in 3.8.1 as measured on the target.
marking test is visual and made in accord- Parallelism of image and reticle.
ance with Standard MIL-STD-130.
The telescope shall be positioned as specified
4.9 Packaging, packing and marking. Qual-
above and the cross level vial centered; one
ity Assurance provisions for packaging,
extremity of the horizontal reticle line shall
packing- and marking shall be in accordance
be coincident to the target line, The angle
with Specification MIL-P-M1432.
subtended by the other. extremity of the

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