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Page Title: Post Vibration and shock
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paragraph 3.11.1. Observe and record the telescope reticle
orientation to the target prior to vibration testing.
4.8.3 Post vibration and shock. Reassemble the telescope to
the test fixture and repeat the test procedure outlined in 4.8.2.
The unit under test shall not deviate from the previously recorded
settings for those requirements outlined in 3.6 and
4.8.4 Cleanliness. The unit under test shall be subjected
to the test procedures outlined in MIL-O-13830 for conformance to
the requirements outlined in 3.9.1, 3.9.2, and 3.9.3.
4.8.5 Parallax. This test shall be performed with the
telescope positioned as outlined in the collimation procedure.
Set the collimator projector to 125 meters. The 20 mil reticle
graduation setting of the telescope will establish the geometric
axis. Observe any apparent movement between the intersecting
point of the telescope's boresight cross and the tolerance block
of the target reticle's horizontal and vertical lines. Any
apparent movement between these two points when the inspector's
head is moved up and down or from side to side is considered
parallax. The amount of parallax shall not exceed the limits
specified in Repeat the above test at the infinity
4.8.6 Reticle  accuracy. Test shall be performed with the
telescope positioned as outlined in 4.8.2. The telescope should
be unlocked in the adapter and the zero range graduation of the
reticle placed in coincidence with the corresponding line of the
target reticle. To obtain coincidence, shim the unit in the
fixture. When coincidence has been established, observe that the
60 mil reticle line is within the limit lines of the target
reticle to assure compliance with 3.10.2.
4.8.7 Resolution. To perform this test, a wall target
containing the appropriate resolution test patter shall be
employed. Construction of the resolution target and the method of
inspection shall be as outlined in MIL-O-13830. The telescope
must resolve the test pattern within the limits outlined in
3.10.3. During this test, the telescope may be support in a "V"
block. The use of packing or shims may be used to position the
telescope. When making this test. use a dioptometer having a
minimum of 3 power.
4.8.8 Parallelism of imaqe and reticle. with the telescope
and fixture positioned as outlined in 4.8.2, sight through the
telescope and observe that the 20 mil horizontal line is in
coincidence with the horizontal target reticle line at the short
vetical line. Parallelism of the telescopes 20 mil horizontal
line shall not exceed the 30 minute mark on the target reticle as
per 3.10.4. This test can be performed with 4.8.6.

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