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Page Title: Cold weather starting system
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fuel system to prevent flow of fuel when the ignition is off and the engine is
not running or if the engine should stop.
3.11.3  Cold weather starting system.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2),
when diesel engine is specified, integral starting aids shall be provided to
enable engine to be started under cold weather condition of down to -25 F
(-32 C).  If a cold weather start system using either is provied, then a
measured shot system shall be furnished that is not functional before cranking
engine and not functional after engine has started.  LPG and gasoline engines
shall start without starting aids.
3.11.4 Crankcase ventilation system.  A positive crankcase ventilation
system shall be furnished to prevent crankcase vapor from entering the
3.11.5  Alternator.  A 12 volt alternator of not less than 40-ampere
capacity shall be provided and shall provide charge at engine low idle speed
and shall maintain battery charge at full electric load.  An alternator
regulator shall be furnished.  The regulator may be integral with the
3.11.6  Starting system.  Adevice shall be furnised to prevent
re-energizing the starter motor after the engine has been started.  Trucks
shall be provided with an interlock in the starting system or other means to
prevent energizing the starter motor except when the transmission is in the
neutral position.  Starting system shall operate on 12 volts.
3.11.7 Air cleaner.  A dry, replaceable cartridge type air cleaner shall be
furnished.  The cleaner shall be a multi-stage air cleaner and shall include a
dust scavenger.  It shall be accessible without removal of other components
when engine cowl or hood is open.  A restriction indicator shall be furnished
to indicate when the replaceable filter element shall be changed.
3.11.8 Exhaust system.  Mufflers and exhaust piping shall conform to the
requirements of UL 558.  If a vertical exhaust is provided it shall be angled
at the end or fitted with a rain cap to prevent entry of water.  Exhaust
discharges shall be directed away from the operator.
3.11.9 Oil filter.  A replaceeable full flow oil filter with emergency
bypass shall be provided.  Oil filter shall be located such that the filter
element can be replaced without the removal of any other truck component.
3.11.10 Oil sampling valve.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2) an oil
sampling valve in accordance with MIL-V-81940 shall be provided on engines and
transmissions.  The valve shall be located in such a way as to insure that
personnel will not be exposed to danger when taking oil samples with the
engine running.  The location of the oil tap shall be such that when samples
are taken, it shall be a true representation of oil that is flowing while the
engine is running.  The sampling valve shall be labeled adjacent to the valve

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