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Page Title: Cooling system
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indicating the type of oil sampled (engine or transmission, whichever is
appropriate ).
3.11.11 cooling system.  When a liquid cooled engine is furnished, the
cooling system shall be of the closed pressure type, incorporating a radiator
with a pressure cap hoses, thermostat, fan and coolant circulating pump.  The
cooling system fluid shall be a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze conforming to
MIL-A-46153 and water.  Accessible drain(s) shall be provided to completely
drain the cooling system.
Drive train components.
3.12.1  Transmission.  The truck shall be equipped with a torque converter
and either a power shifted (hydrodynamic) continuous drive type or a
hydrostatic type transmission.  Transmission shall provide for positive
inching control of the truck.  The transmission and torque convertor fluid
shall be filtered by a full flow filter having replacement filters, without
removal of other components.  These filters will conform to SAE J931.
3.12.2  Tires and tire loadings.  Tire type shall be as specified on
applicable specification sheet.  Tire loadings shall not exceed the values in
the Tire and Rim Association Year Book at speeds specified on applicable
specification sheets.  When specified (see 6.2) truck shall be equipped with
solid tires on pneumatic tire rims.  Tires shall be not more than 12 months
old on date of acceptance by the Government.  For trucks with pneumatic tires.
tire pressure shall be stenciled on truck in accordance with. 3.26.l.
3.13 Hydraulic system.  The hydraulic system shall consist of all hydraulic
components necessary for operation of the load handling means system and shall
not include brake and transmission operation.  All hydraulic system component
material shall be compatible with MIL-L-2104 and MIL-L-46167. The system
shall provide for lowering of capacity load at a speed not to exceed 80 feet
per minute (24.38 meters per minute) in the event of failure of or damage to
hydraulic hose(s) supplying the lift cylinder.  A straight thread o-ring boss
test. point. for measuring pressure shall be located at the outlet. of each pump
or pressure inlet of each control valve.  Hydraulic hose(s) shall have a
working pressure which is greater than the hydraulic system maximum relief
valve setting.  A system filter shall be furnished in either the suction or
return line.  The system filter shall meet the requirements of SAE J931.  Hose
reels shall be mounted such that they are within the plan outline of the
truck .  Positive means shall be furnished to prevent cavitation of the tilt
3.13.1 Hydraulic tubing hoses and fittings.  All hydraulic tubing, hoses
and fittings shall meet the requirements of the applicable SAE standards J514,
J516, J517, J518, J524 and J525 and shall be routed to preclude kinking,
chafing, and twisting.  All rubber hoses shall be no more than 12 months old
on date of acceptance by the Government.

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