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Page Title: Controls and instrumentation
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3.18 Controls and instrumentation.  All load handling control symbolic
markings shall be in accordance with ASME B56.11.3.
3.18.1  Instruments.  An ammeter or indicator light, engine oil pressure
gauge or Indicator light, transmission temperature gauge and fuel gauge shall
be provided.  All gauges and indicator lights shall be identified, designed
and located in accordance with SAE J209.  Trucks equipped with coolant cooled
engine shall be equipped with an engine temperature gauge or indicator light.
All gauges shall be weather resistant and internally lighted.
3.18.2  Hourmeter.  An electrically operated hourmeter which registers the
number of engine operating hours up to a minimum of 9999 hours shall be
provided.  The hourmeter shall be accessible for readiing without removing any
component of the truck.
Electrical system.
Electrical system voltage shall be 12 Vdc.
3.19.1 Batterye Trucks shall be furnished with a minimum of one 12-volt
battery conforming to SAE J537.  Battery cables conforming to SAE JI127 shall
be furnished with insulated covers.  Positive and negative cable terminals
shall be identified with a red sleeve and a black sleeve, respectively.
Negative ground shall be provided.
3.19.2  Igniation switch.  A key operated ignition swithch shall be furnished.
Two ignition keys shall be furnished with each truck. All keys shall be
identical for every truck.
3.19.3  Floodlamp.  Each truck shall be equipped with 4 sealed beam
floodlamps which shall conform to SAE J598 Par 46, Trade No. 4478. The
floodlamps shall be shock mounted in elastomer ring housings with 2 floodlamps
mounted on the front of the overhead guard, and 2 floodlamps mounted on the
rear of the overhead guard.  Directional adjustment range of each floodlamp
shall be a minimum of 45 degrees above and below the horizontal plane.
Horizontal adjustment range of each floodlamp shall be a minimum of 90
degrees.  Each floodlamp shall be protected against damage by a guard.  One
on-off switch for the 2 front mounted floodlamps, and one on-off switch for
the 2 rear mounted floodlamps shall be provided within access of the seated
3.19.4  Taillight.  A minimum, of one combination spotlight and tail-lamp
shall be provided and shall conform to SAE J759. The tail-lamp shall be
mounted on the rear within the plan outline of the truck, and shall be
protected against damage by a guard.  The tail-lamp shall come on when the
ignition switch is on.
3.20  Operator's overhead Guard.  A removable overhead guard shall be
furnished which meets applicable requirements of ASME B56.1. The overhead
guard shall be removable with hand tools. Guard height, measured from ground
level to the top side of the guard, shall not exceed height specified on
applicable specification sheet.  Guard design shall not interfere with the

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