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Page Title: Uprights and carriage assembly
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3.13.2  External leakage.  After completing tests specified in 4.7 degree of
external hydraulic system leakage shall not exceed a class 4 for dust free
conditions and a class 4 D for dusty conditions of SAE Jl176. External
hydraulic system leakage shall not exceed-a class 3 for production trucks
under normal operation.
3.14 Uprights and carriage assembly.  Uprights shall be high visibility
telescopic roller me.  Rollers shall be the permanently lubricated-for-life
type.  The forks and fork carrier shall conform to ASME B56.11.4.  The fork
carrier shall be free of obstruction to allow the forks to slide across the
entire width of the carrier.  A cut out shall be provided in the fork carrier
so that the lower hook of the fork will fit through the slot and each fork
shall be removable without removing the load backrest.  Fork thickness shall
not exceed 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) at the tips and the end taper shall be not less
than 14 inches (35.6 cm) long.
3.14.1  Load backrest.  A metal backrest, removable without disturbing any
other component, shall be provided.  There shall be no protruding bolts or
appendages beyond the side plane of the load backrest.  In conjunction with
the fork and hanger design, it shall provide a vertical rear guard at least 48
inches high (122 cm), measured from the load carrying surface of the forks.
and equal to the width of the carriage, or sideshift if equipped.  Spacing
between vertical members shall be not more than 6 inches (15.2 cm).
3.15 Steering.  Power steering shall be furnished and shall be controlled
by a steering wheel.  In the event of power failure, steering shall require
less than 50 pounds (22.68 kg) of pull at the rim to turn the steering wheel.
3.16 Brakes.
3.16.1 Service brakes.  Hydraulically actuated service brakes shall be
provided.  Brakes shall be self adjusting.  The truck shall use non-asbestos
materials that do not degrade performance or increase maintenance.  Copper
lines shall not be used.  The brake system performance whall be in accordance
with ASME B56.1.
3.16.2  Parking brake.  A parking brake shall be provided to lock a minimum
of two wheels when the parking brake is applied.  The braking capability shall
be sufficient to hold the truck on the slope specified in 3.6.11. NO more
than 35 pounds (15.88 kg) of force shall be required to apply the parking
3.16.3 Brake fluid.  Brake system shall be compatible and filled with
MIL-B-46176 brake fluid.  All brake system components utilized within the
truck brake system shall be compatible with silicone brake fluid.  A metallic
tag shall be attached to the brake master cylinder stating "Use Silicone Brake
Fluid Only."
3.17 Towing device.  A pin-type towing device shall be provided in the
center rear of the truck.

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