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Page Title: Noise level test
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D for new gasoline fueled and diesel heavy duty engines.  The high load modes
5, 6, 8, and 9 shall be excluded from the smoke test. Measurement of smoke
opacity at all of the remaining of the 13 mode FTP test shall be conducted.
Average smoke opacity values exceeding 5 percent at any mode as specified in
3.23.3 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.7.11 Noise level test.  Noise levels shall be measured in accordance with
MIL-STD-1474 requirements and reported in the format indicated by
MIL-STD-1474, figure 7. As a minimum: noise levels shall be measured when
equipment is operating under full load.  MIL-STD-1474, contours
shall be taken at not fewer than 12 equal arc increments, one increment shall
include data from the noisiest position.  Additionally the noise level at the
typical operating position shall be provided as dB(A) level.
4.7.12  Electrome maagnetic radiation.  Test the truck in accordance with
SAE J551.  Measurement shall also be taken from the front and rear of the
truck at 33 foot distances.  As a minimum, the electromagnetic radiation
report shall include results of all testing and a list of components used to
reduce the electromagnetic radiation.  Nonconformance to 3.27 shall constitute
failure of this test.
4.7.13  Electromagnetic pulse.  When specified (see 6.2) the Government will
evaluate the schematics and electrical diagrams to determine possible problem
areas that may be encountered on the end item.  A production truck shall be
subjected to non-destructive EMP testing by the Government at a Government
4.7.14 Tire loadings.  Determine the weight supported by the steer (trail)
wheels with and without a rated load on the forks by driving the wheels onto a
platform scale or utilizing two axle scales.  Determine the weight supported
by drive (load) wheels in the same manner as the steer wheels.  Nonconformance
to 3.12.2 shall be cause for rejection.
4.8 Production run-in.  Each truck carrying a capacity load shall be
subjected to a production run-in and servicing as specified herein.  Inability
to complete the run-in, overheating, failure of any components, malfunction of
any control, or evidence of leakage of fluids in excess of class 3 in
accordance with SAE J1176 shall be cause for rejection of the truck by the
Government until such deficiencies are corrected.
4.8.1 Travel.  Demonstrate starting, ascending and descending a 20  20 percent
ramp, steering, inching and high speed travel, operate all lights, horn, and
brake system not less than two times during this demonstration.
4.8.2 Mast assembly.  Demonstrate ability to lift capacity load to full
lift height at full lift speed and lower load at full opened valve.
Demonstrate ability to side shift capacity load throughout full range of side
shift.  Demonstrate ability to feather controls of all hydraulic functions.
Each operation shall be performed at least three times.

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