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Page Title: Lifting and tiedown attachments
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remove, relocate and tiedown; and not more than 1 manhour total to return the vehicle to it's
original, as opposed to reduced, configuration; shall be acceptable. The self-mobility of the
vehicle shall not be affected by reducing its configuration. Tiedowns for removed or relocated
equipment shall be furnished. The curb weight of the vehicle shall not exceed 5,000 pounds on
the front axle and 10,000 pounds on the rear axle. In addition to the requirements of 3.2.6, the
rated capacity of the axles and suspension system shall not be less than 1-1/4 times the load
imposed on each by the curb weight of the vehicle. The vehicle shall be air transportable as
described above without any other special provisions and without any shoring. The vehicle shall
not be delivered to the Government in its reduced configuration. Drawings and data will be
required to be submitted by the contractor. Government approval of the data (120 days) and then
comparison of the vehicle to the approved data will be required before acceptance of the vehicle.
* Lifting and tiedown attachments. When specified (see 6.2), the vehicle shall be
equipped with lifting and tying down attachments. Lifting and tiedown attachments shall
conform to type II or type III of MIL-STD-209. In MIL-STD-209G, replace "maximum
shipping weight (MSW)" wherever it appears with "curb weight." A transportation plate
conforming to composition A (class 1 or 2) or composition C of MIL-P-514 shall be provided.
The transportation plate shall be inscribed with a diagram showing the lifting attachments and
lifting slings, the capacity of each attachment, and the required length and length of each sling
cable. A silhouette of the vehicle showing the center of gravity shall be provided on the
transportation plate. Tying down attachments shall be identified by stenciling or other suitable
marking. Tie down markings shall clearly indicate that the attachments are intended for the
tiedown of the equipment on the carrier, Blackout curtains. When specified (see 6.2), blackout curtains or screens shall
be provided to allow operation, during blackout conditions, of all the interior dome lights and
fluorescent lights to the rear of the driver's seat. Full height transverse blackout screens or
curtains shall be provided to cover the full width of the interior at the rear of the driver's seat.
Blackout curtains or screens shall be provided for all exterior windows to the rear of the driver's
* Wheel splash and stone throw protection. Rear end mud flaps shall be provided.
A metal strip not less than 0.125 inch thick and not less than 1 inch wide, extending the entire
width of the mud flap, shall be installed to prevent the bolt heads or bolt nuts from damaging the
mud flap. As an alternate method of attaching the mud flaps, tabs or clips with minimum surface
contact dimensions of 1 inch high by 1.25 inch wide by 0.094 inch thick shall be furnished at
each bolt. Mud flap installations shall conform to the rear wheel splash and stone throw
protection provisions of SAE J682.

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