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Page Title: Metal fabrication
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3.7.1 Metal fabrication. Metal used in the fabrication of equipment shall be free from
kinks and sharp bends. The straightening of material shall be done by methods that will not
degrade the design strength of the metal. Shearing and chipping shall be done neatly and
accurately. All bends of a major character shall be made with controlled means in order to insure
uniformity of size and shape.
3.7.2 Bolted connections. Bolt holes shall be accurately punched or drilled and shall
have the burrs removed Washers or lockwashers shall be provided in accordance with good
commercial practice, and all bolts, nuts and screws shall be tight.
3.7.3 Riveted connections. Rivet holes shall be accurately punched or drilled and shall
have the burrs removed. Rivets shall be driven with pressure tools and shall completely fill the
holes. Rivet heads, when not countersunk or flattened, shall be of an approved shape and of
uniform size for the same diameter of rivet. Rivet heads shall be full, neatly made, concentric
with the rivet holes, and shall be in full contact with the surface of the member.
3.7.4 Welding. Welding procedures shall be in accordance with a nationally recognized
welding code. The surface of the parts to be welded shall be free from rust, scale, paint, grease
or other foreign matter. Welds shall be of sufficient size and shape to develop the full strength of
the parts connected by the welds. Welds shall transmit stress without permanent deformation or
failure when the parts connected by the welds are subjected to proof and service loadings.
3.7.5 Paneling installation. All interior paneling shall be installed uniformly, free of
misalinement, open seams, gaps, and uneven surfaces. Interior paneling shall be properly
secured, free of misalined joiners, edgings, waviness, dents, nicks, scratches, sharp edges, and
other forms of deformation or surface defects. Exterior paneling shall be free of damaged or
missing rivets. Exterior overlapped sheet surfaces shall be sealed with sealing compound with
uniform application.
3.7.6 Door and window installation. All exterior doors and windows shall be properly
located, fitted and sealed to prevent entrance of air, dust and water. All windows and doors with
associated hardware shall operate without binding. Window curtains shall be the appropriate
color, durable material, free of uneven stitching, crooked seams, runs, tears, or color fade and
shall be installed uniformly.
3.7.7 Installation of insulation. The insulation shall be installed in a manner excluding
excessive voids, open spaces, rips, tears and other types of damage or defects. Wherever
practical, the insulation shall be installed prior to the closing of spaces of the body interior. The
insulation shall be installed and secured in a manner to retain the material in a permanent
position under all operating conditions.

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