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Page Title: Hydraulic hoist
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* Hydraulic hoist. A double acting hydraulic hoist shall be furnished. The hoist shall
be the manufacturer's standard with a minimum lifting capacity rating of class 20 in accordance
with the TBEA Hydraulic Hoist and Dump Body Classification Chart or the National Truck
Equipment Association Dump Body Hoist Chart. The hoist shall lift the body to a minimum
dumping angle of 50 degrees from the top of the truck chassis frame. Power takeoff, pump and
valve shall be the manufacturer's standard for the hoist model furnished. Controls and levers
shall be located in the cab within easy reach of the operator. In compliance with OSHA
Regulation 1926.601(11), title 29, controls for operating hoisting and dumping activities shall be
equipped with a latch or other device which will prevent accidental starting or tripping of the
mechanism. Safety lock. A mechanical safety lock permanently affixed to the dump body shall
be furnished. The safety lock shall provide positive retention of the dump body with the body in
the up position for servicing or repair. The safety lock shall not interfere with operation of the
body under any operating condition.
3.5.2 Material sprayer and air compressor. An Essick Model TMU 292H or equal material
sprayer and air compressor shall be mounted on the truck chassis between the cab and the dump
body. The unit shall be located for ready access to and use of filler openings, valves, drain plugs,
cleanout ports, and air and material connections. Material tank. A material tank of not less than 200 gallons capacity and constructed
to ASME standards for a 125 pounds per square inch (psi) working pressure shall be provided.
The tank shall have a filler cap covering a fill opening of not less than 3-3/4 inches in diameter.
The cap assembly shall be constructed to provide for the release of air from the material tank
before the cap is completely open. Primary means for releasing pressure within the tank shall be
by an air exhaust valve located near the filler cap. The valve shall be threaded into the tank with
pipe threads not less than 1 inch in size. A warning decal instructing the operator to release all
air through the valve before opening the filler cap shall be provided. Drain plugs, not less than
2 inches in diameter, shall be provided and located to completely drain the tank. A 1-1/2 inch
fluid filter with a quick cleanout port, mesh screen, and fluid shut-off cock shall be installed. A
spare screen shall be provided.
* Air compressor. A Quincy Model 390 or equal air compressor shall be mounted on a
base welded to the top of the material tank. The compressor shall have not less than 2 cylinders,
a displacement of not less than 92 cfm at 870 revolutions per minute (rpm), pressure type

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