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Page Title: Auxiliary engine
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lubrication and shall include an air cleaner. An adjustable, continuous-running type compressor
unloader shall be provided.
* Auxiliary engine. An engine to drive the compressor shall be mounted on the base
welded to the top of the material tank. When a diesel engine driven truck chassis is provided, the
compressor engine shall be a Lister Model TS2 or equal diesel engine with a rating of not less
than 35 horsepower. When a gasoline engine driven truck chassis is furnished, the compressor
engine shall be a Wisconsin Model VG4D or equal gasoline engine with a rating of not less than
32 horsepower. Both type engines shall have not less than 2 cylinders, a 12-volt dc electric
starter connected by a one-piece cable to the truck battery, and an air operated slow-down device
to idle the engine when the air compressor is unloaded. Drive belts and pulleys shall be provided
with safety guards. Air receiver. An air receiver shall be connected between the compressor and the
material tank. The receiver shall be bolted to the truck frame and shall be constructed to ASME
standards for a 150 psi working pressure. A safety valve, air pressure gage, air regulating valve,
check valve, drain valve, 1/4-inch air cock, 3/4-inch globe valve, and a Dixon quick coupling or
equal shall be provided. Spray gun. An Essick Model EG-3000 six-foot, dual control, air atomized or straight
pressure emulsion spray gun, or equal, shall be provided. Three spray tips of assorted sizes shall
be provided. Two material hoses, each with not less than 3/4 inch inside diameter (id), one not
less than 25 feet in length and the other not less than 10-1/2 feet in length shall be provided.
Two air hoses, each with not less than 3/8 inch id, one not less than 25 feet in length and the
other not less than 11-1/2 feet in length, shall be provided. Fittings for interconnecting the spray
gun, hoses, air receiver and material tank to provide dual spray operations shall be attached.
Means for securely storing the spray gun and hoses on the exterior of the vehicle shall be
provided. Heater. A liquified petroleum gas (LPG) heater with controls for venting the tank
during the heating cycle shall be provided. An open-faced storage box to accommodate two
11-kilogram LPG cylinders, each 12 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height, shall be
provided. Devices to hold the cylinders securely in place during vehicle transit, but which
permit ready removal of the cylinders for filling and testing, shall be provided. A flexible LPG
hose with standard fittings shall be provided between the heater and the storage box. Final
fittings compatible with the metric fittings on the LPG cylinders are not required.

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