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Page Title: Air induction system
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Air induction system. An engine air induction system shall be furnished and
installed from the air cleaner to the engine intake. Air cleaner indicator shall be provided that is
visible to the driver. Means shall be provided to preclude water entering the air system. When
the air cleaner is stacked and is above the vehicle cab, a means shall be provided to either lower
or swing the assembly down to enable the vehicle to enter buildings or for transport or storage.
The air cleaner shall be designed to preclude the entrance of blowing snow. Governor. Engine governor shall be furnished and set and sealed to limit engine to
engine manufacturer's maximum recommended operating speed. Governor foot throttle control
linkage shall be adjusted to permit the full range of the engine governed speed. The accelerator
controls system shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 124. Engine starting. Engine starting equipment shall include an ether or glow plug
starting system. The ether starting system shall be of the automatic, ignition, or engine
temperature limited type, controlled from the driver's area and be inoperable with the engine
operating. When glow plugs are furnished in lieu of the ether starting system, they shall be
provided for each cylinder. Engine starting equipment shall start the engine in an ambient
temperature of minus 25F. Appropriate type of lubrication for the ambient temperature that the
vehicle is operating shall be provided. Power plant heaters. Power plant heaters shall be provided for the coolant, engine
oil and the batteries. Heaters shall operate on 110-volt ac, and shall be wired through a junction
block to a single three pronged male, weatherproof, slave receptacle for receiving external power
and grounding the vehicle. A three wire connecting cable, 25 feet long and of adequate line
capacity to supply power for all heater units simultaneously, shall be furnished. Connecting
cable shall include a matching female connector at the vehicle end and a standard, three pronged
(two power plus one ground) male connector at the other end. Electrical apparatus shall conform
to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.77(c)(7). Electrical insulation, of connecting
cable, shall withstand normal operating stresses in low ambient air temperatures (down to minus
60F) without cracking or loss of dielectric capacity. All heater lead wires shall be installed
without interfering with vehicle component operation, and without loose excess wire. Provisions
for stowage of the cable shall be provided in the vehicle cab. Heaters shall be furnished as

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