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Page Title: Cranking motor solenoid
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there shall not be any interference with any vehicle component that will result in chafing or
failure. Wiring shall be harnessed. Starting system. The starting system shall be a 12-volt starting system. Cranking motor solenoid. The cranking motor solenoid shall be accessible for
service and protected from road splash and meet the climatic requirements specified herein. Cranking motor circuit. The cranking motor circuit voltage drop shall be not
greater than 0.20 volts per 100 amperes of the cranking motor circuit. Batteries. A minimum of four 12-volt batteries shall be furnished. Batteries shall be
in accordance with type 6 TN of MS35000. Battery terminal lugs shall be in accordance with
MS75004. The ground wire to the frame shall be bolted in lieu of welding to the vehicle frame. Battery compartment. Battery compartment, tray, brackets and cover shall be
furnished. Compartment shall be of sufficient structural strength for accepting the imposed loads
during travel, as specified herein. The tray, brackets, compartment interior and inside of the
compartment cover shall be treated and painted with acid resistant paint in accordance with
TT-C-494. Battery hold-down brackets shall be furnished. Compartment shall be vented and
interior protected from road splash. The area between the top of the battery posts and the
underside of the cover shall be provided with clearance. To preclude condensation dripping on
the batteries, the battery box may be tilted rearward and outward or the underside of the cover
may be crowned. Compartment shall be provided with a hasp for a 1 1/2 inch padlock. For
shipping purposes, cover shall be secured to preclude theft when in transit. Battery hold down brackets. Each battery shall be provided with hold down
brackets. Brackets shall enclose each battery case. Brackets shall be treated to resist corrosion
from batteries. Each battery shall be placed on a heavy, thick battery blanket. When vehicle is
traveling, vibration shall not cause the battery(s) to crack. Alternator. An alternator shall be furnished. The alternator shall provide for
12 volt lighting and starting capabilities and provide not less than 85 ampere hour capacity.
Alternator shall be grounded by bolt and to the vehicle frame.

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