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Page Title: Panel-mounted floodlamp
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Sheaves. Sheaves shall be the correct size in width and length in accordance with
the pitch diameter of the sheaves. Fan, alternator, power steering pump and air compressor, if
belt driven, shall provide sufficient clearance between belts without interference of any
component. Sheaves for the fan assembly shall be as close to the fan bracket belt adjustment as
possible to decrease stresses on the bracket and hub. Lighting. Lighting shall be 12-volt. Lighting, reflectors and wiring shall conform to
FMVSS 108. Rear lighting shall be mounted in a protective location to preclude damage when
interfacing with towed vehicles or body operations. Combination lighting on cab roof shall be
controlled by an on and off switch in the vehicle cab and dash mounted for tactical operations. Turn signals. Turn signals shall conform to FMVSS 108. Operating mechanism
shall be self-cancelling type. Floodlights. Two 12-volt floodlights shall be furnished. Floodlight shall be
installed at the rear of the vehicle cab on U brackets. Floodlight shall be sealed-beam, adjusted
vertically on the U-frame. Floodlight exterior shell shall be finished painted as specified in Light shall conform to SAE J598, Trade No. 4478. Light shall be provided with an on
and off heavy duty metal switch in the vehicle cab dash mounted. Light and light switch shall be
weatherproof. The lights shall be capable of illuminating container numbers as vehicle drives by
containers that are stacked in aisles. Panel-mounted floodlamp. A panel-mounted floodlamp shall be furnished. The
floodlamp shall be mounted on a vertical surface at the rear of the vehicle cab. Floodlamp shall
be operated by a metal, heavy duty switch, operable from the vehicle dash panel. Lamp shall
focus on the fifth wheel. Floodlamp shall be waterproof. Lens shall be unbreakable. Exterior
shall be finished painted as specified in Lighting receptacles, 12-volt. Lighting receptacle, 12-volt (back of cab). A 12-volt lighting receptacle
conforming to SAE J560, with its connectors connected and color coded as specified herein,
shall be furnished. The receptacle shall be furnished complete with a spring-loaded cover. Lighting receptacle, 12-volt (rear of vehicle). When a rear pintle assembly is
specified in, a 12-volt receptacle, as specified in, shall be furnished in a

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