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Page Title: Trailer brake control system
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f. Air pressure gage, visible to the driver.
g. Low air pressure warning, visible and audible.
h. Alcohol aspirator with unbreakable transparent container, capable of accepting
minus 50F.
i. Automatic moisture ejector capable of operating at minus 50F.
j. Air control valves.
k. Service brake stop lamp switch.
l. Air chambers.
m. Four-way relay emergency valve. Trailer brake control system. In addition to components specified in, a trailer
brake control system shall be furnished. Trailer brake control system shall at least include:
a. Identification of emergency and service lines. Emergency painted red and marked.
b. Coincident control of trailer brakes with prime mover foot control.
c. Independent hand control for trailer brakes.
d. Prime mover protection valve with dash control and automatic break-away.
e. Trailer stoplight operative with foot brake and with hand control for trailer brakes.
f. When pintle assembly is specified in, air connectors with cover for trailers with
"gladhand" couplers mounted at the rear of the vehicle and located to preclude interference with
the trailer. Dummy "gladhand" couplers with chains. Air connectors shall be in accordance with
SAE J318. Emergency air connector painted red and marked.
g. Two connecting air hoses conforming to SAE J1402 and not less than 110 inches in
length, equipped with coiled spring hose guards, and "gladhand" quick connector on trailer end
of hoses located at rear of cab on a pogo stick type hose tender. Emergency coupler painted red
and marked.
h. Spring supports on pogo stick type hose tender with dummy "gladhand" connectors to
retain hoses when not in use. Hose tender shall not be mounted on cab roof.
i. See for air lines forward of the rear crossmember. Parking brake. A parking brake shall be furnished. The parking brake shall be
capable of being manually applied by the operator seated in the driver's seat and shall be in
accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.41.
3.4.10 Cab. Manufacturer shall furnish a standard half-width tilt cab. Cab shall be mounted
to preclude vibration. Body shall be insulated and weather stripped for inclement weather
specified herein. A street side cab door, and curb side cab door, when provided, shall be

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