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Page Title: Driver's seat
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provided with external key operated locks. Driver's seat side window shall be mechanically
operated with a hand operated crank. The curb side window shall either be mechanically
operated or shall be of the sliding type. When a sliding type window is furnished, it shall be
provided with a means to preclude entry from cab exterior. Manually operated air vents shall be
furnished near the floor level. Interior dome light with frosted lens and an off and on metal,
heavy duty switch shall be provided. Open grating step(s) and grab handle(s) shall be furnished
to enable personnel to ascend the vehicle for purpose of cleaning the windshield and to facilitate
entry of personnel into the vehicle cab and onto the truck-tractor deck plate. The steps shall not
interfere with personnel when cab is tilted for servicing the vehicle. Interior and exterior
reflecting surfaces shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.107. Cab roof
shall be reinforced to preclude penetration of falling objects and endangering personnel when a
100 pound weight is dropped from a distance of 10 feet onto the center of the roof, at
minus 50F, personnel shall not be injured. Cab shall be capable of tilting by means of a
hydraulic, manually operated pump. A lock shall be provided to prevent cab tilting rearward.
Window insulated channels and weatherstripping shall be secured so as not to come loose. Driver's seat. A driver's seat shall be furnished. The driver's seat and seat back
shall be upholstered, and capable of horizontal and vertical adjustments of the seat assembly, seat
and the seat back by the driver while in a seated position. The seat back shall be approximately
24 inches, measured from the seat cushion to the top of the seat back. The seat back shall be
capable of tilting fore and aft. The seat cushion shall be capable of raising or being lowered.
The seat assembly shall be of the mechanical type and not air operated due to climatic
environments. Manufacturer's standard fastening and one pair of seat belts shall be furnished
and installed. Seat belts shall be of the retractable type. Seating shall conform to Federal Motor
Vehicle Safety Standard No. 207. Seat belt anchorages shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle
Safety Standards No. 209 and No. 210. Door locks. Door locks and retention shall conform to FMVSS No. 206. Door
locks, handles, latches and associated hardware shall be of the heavy duty type for highway truck
application. Handles shall not break off when turning handles from ground level. Window glazing. Window glazing material shall conform to FMVSS No. 205. Flammability of interior materials. Flammability of interior materials shall conform
to FMVSS No. 302.

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