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Page Title: Cab heater and defroster
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No. 204. Turning radius shall not be more than 24 feet, curb to curb (see as defined in
paragraph 2.3 of SAE J645, 1979 Edition.
3.4.12 Windshield wipers and washers. Vehicle shall be equipped with windshield wiper
and windshield washer. The windshield wiper(s) shall at least conform to the requirements of
SAE J198, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.78 and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards No. 102 and 104. Windshield wiper shall be multi-speed type and operated by an air
3.4.13 Cab heater and defroster. Manufacturer's standard fresh air heater and defroster with
controls shall be capable of providing adequate heat and window visibility in ambient
temperature of minus 25F in accordance with SAE J382. Heater. Vehicle shall be provided with a hot water heater with blower and fresh air
intakes and discharge outlets to the floor and outlets to assure a flow of heated air through the
vehicle cab. Heater shall provide crew comfort of not less than 45F when the outside ambient
air temperature of -25F. The heating system shall be provided with adjustable controls to
provide outside air, recirculated air or a variable mixture as desired to circulate through the main
heater core. In addition, the heater blower shall be capable of providing outside air without
circulating through the heater core. Heater outlets shall be adjustable by the operator. Heater
hoses shall not interfere when cab is tilted. Defrosting system. Defrosting system shall be furnished. Defrosting system shall
conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 103 and SAE J381 and 382 and at an
ambient temperature of minus 25F to provide 180 degree windshield visibility. Defrosting
system shall be complete with blower and shall be capable of defrosting the windshield with
heated air or with outside air. Controls shall be furnished. Defroster outlets shall be provided.
3.4.14 Controls and operating mechanisms. All controls and operating mechanisms shall be
located for left-hand drive. Controls shall be complete and conveniently operable by the driver.
Lever controls shall be designed and located to permit easy entrance and exit of operator, to and
from the driver's compartment. Instruments and controls shall be identified as to their function
and installed in a manner to facilitate removal and servicing. All instruments shall be visible to
driver when seated in driving position. Control and illumination shall be in accordance with
FMVSS No. 101. Controls and operating mechanism shall be guarded or positioned to preclude
personnel from inadvertently operating the control or mechanism.

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