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Page Title: Pocket for equipment record folder and manual
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Rear window. A rear window shall be provided. The window and window
operating mechanism shall be accessible to the driver in a seated position. The exterior of the
window shall be provided with a screen. The screen shall be hinged and secured on the outside
so as to enable maintenance of the window. The screen shall be of flattened, expanded metal,
one-half inch opening and of 16 or 18 gage. The frame, screen and associated hardware shall be
of corrosion resistant material. Pocket for equipment record folder and manual. A pocket for the vehicle operator's
manual and the Government Furnished Log Book Binder (NSN 7530-01-065-0166) shall be
furnished in the vehicle cab. Equipment Control Record DD Form 2408-9 will be inserted in the
Log Book Binder for each vehicle (see DD Form 1423). Engine housing and cab aft guard plate. A 3/8 inch steel plate shall be furnished at
the rear of the engine housing and the vehicle cab. The rear window shall not be obscured by the
plate. The steel plate shall protect the housing, engine and the vehicle cab and driver from
damage due to sliding loads on the towed vehicle and when coupling to a towed vehicle. Plate
shall be bolted to the vehicle for removal of any vehicle component. Plate shall accept the
acceleration factors of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.106. Front bumper and bumper guard. Channel type heavy-duty front bumper and
bumper guard as specified in shall be furnished. Front bumper guard. A front bumper guard shall be furnished. The bumper guard
shall be hinged at the bottom and braced to allow the vehicle cab to be tilted forward. The guard
shall at least be two-inch by three-inch steel square tubing haying a minimum wall thickness of
0.1875 inches, with equally spaced vertical uprights of two-inch square tubing having a
minimum, wall thickness of 0.1875 inches. The height of the bumper guard shall protect the
lower front of the engine compartment and the area below the cab windshield. Bumper guard
corners shall be rounded to protect personnel.
3.4.11 Power steering. Power steering shall be furnished. Power steering mechanism shall
enable vehicle to be manually steered in event of hydraulic steering or engine failure. An oil
filtering system shall be furnished. Sheaves where used, shall be aligned and of the correct pitch
diameter to preclude belt from run-off. Belts shall be of the correct length and width to preclude
belt interference with any component. Steering column shall be braced and secured and properly
alined. Steering control system shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

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