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Page Title: Entrance/exit floor area
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* Entrance/exit floor area. A straight floor shall be
furnished at the entrance/exit door in the reception area (see figure
1).  The entrance/exit door shall be provided with a four step, pull out
step assembly that is flush with the entrance/exit floor when in use,
The step assembly shall slide under the floor with provisions for
locking securely in the travel position.  An inset stepwell with
pull-out steps shall be provided at the entrance/exit door in the donor
area (see figure 1), with provisions for locking securely in the travel
position.  All stair treads shall be surfaced with non-skid materials.
Removable safety handrails shall be provided.
* Floor covering.  The entire floor except for the driver's
area and the donor area shall be surfaced with Armstrong, or equal, 100
percent nylon, industrial grade carpet with foam back.  The floor in the
donor area shall be surfaced with heavy duty, cushioned vinyl linoleum.
The coverings shall be properly installed and sealed at the joints.
3.5.5 Electrical system.  The electrical system shall be in
accordance with the National Electrical Code, (NEC) NFPA No. 70.  The
unit shall be wired to receive 4 wire, 200 amp, 120/240 volt, 60 Hertz
(Hz), ac, single phase power from local power sources via a lead-in
cable or from the generator (see  Wiring shall be provided for
operation of all 120/240 volt equipment.  Circuit breaker boxes of
adequate capacity shall be installed at appropriate locations within the
vehicle. Wiring.  All 120/240 volt wiring shall be NEC standard
plastic-jacketed , non-metallic sheathed cable with ground.  Wiring shall
be concealed yet easily accessible for repairs.  Wiring and related
devices shall be installed in a workmanlike manner, mechanically and
electrically secure.  Devices, lamps, and other equipment requiring
periodic service shall be readily accessible and serviceable.  Wiring
shall be protected by grommets when passing through any hole or body
framework.  Wiring shall include the following:
Individual 120 volt circuits for utility equipment, lights,
receptacles , and air conditioners.
240 volt circuits for electrical heating units.
Duplex 120 volt receptacles located as shown in figure 1.
Individual 240 volt receptacles located as shown in figure 1.
One 50 foot, 4 wire lead-in cable, sized to unit capacity,
with waterproof receptacle on one end and insulated alligator
clips on the other end for connection to a local 120/240 volt
power source.
Two 100 foot, 120 Volt$  20 amp lead-in cables connected to
circuits within the mobile unit for overnight operation of

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