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Page Title: Emergency reflective triangles
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3.5.11 Fire extinguishers.  A five-pound chemical type fire
extinguisher conforming to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation
393.95(a) shall be mounted in a convenient location within the reception
area near the curbside door.  The fire extinguisher shall have an
Underwriter's Laboratory rating of 2A:10B:C or more, shall include a
metal safety pin and wire, and shall conform to type I, class 1, size 5
of O-E-915.  Two 2-1/2 pound chemical type fire extinguishers shall be
provided, one mounted in the generator compartment and one mounted in
the driver's compartment.  Each of these two fire extinguishers shall
have an Underwriter's Laboratory rating of 5B:C or more, shall include a
metal safety pin and wire and shall conform to type I, class 2, size 2
1/2 of O-E-915.  All fire extinguishers shall permit visual
determination of condition of charge.
3.5.12 Emergency reflective triangles.  Three emergency reflective
triangles , conforming to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation
393.95(f)(2)(i), shall be furnished and properly stowed.
3.5.13 Stabilizing jacks.  Four electro-hydraulic stabilizing jacks
with 12 inch pads shall be provided, one installed under each corner of
the body.  Each jack shall be rated at 25,000 pounds load capacity and
shall be controlled from a central control panel in the body skirt. The
jacks shall be capable of leveling and stabilizing the vehicle during
stationary service.
-. Sight levels.  Sight levels shall be provided at body
rear and curbside to aid in leveling unit.
3.5.14 Underbody storage compartments.  In addition to the spare
wheel carrier compartment (see, the tool stowage compartment
(see 3.4.16), and the water tanks compartment (see 3.5.9), all remaining
available skirt space from the rear of the front wheels to the rear of
the vehicle shall be used for additional storage compartments.
Compartments shall be waterproof and shall be accessible through a
hinged door with holding device and flushmounted chrome lock or
provision for padlocking.  All compartment door locks furnished shall be
operable with the same key.
3.6 Servicing and adjusting.  Prior to acceptance of the vehicle
b.y the Government inspector, the contractor shall service and adjust
each vehicle and its mounted equipment for operational use including at
least the following:  alinement of lights; adjustments of chassis
engine, heating and air conditioning systems, and brake system; filling
and charging of all batteries; alinement of front wheels; inflation of
all tires; complete lubrication of chassis, engines, and running gear
with grades of lubricants recommended for the ambient air temperature at

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