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Page Title: Water drain system test
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previously tested an identical model vehicle with the same components
within a 12-month period, a certification and the specified test data
verifying conformance to this specification may be provided in lieu of
the first production vehicle air conditioning or heating test.
Certification and previous test results, if furnished, shall be
forwarded to the engineering office of the procuring activity with the
Commercial Vehicle Engineering Data (questionnaire).
* Water system test.  To determine conformance to 3.5.8 and
3.7.11, the water system shall be subjected to a hydrostatic test. The
in-place water supply system and water heater with connections shall
withstand a pump pressure of not less than 40 pounds per square inch
(psi) and not more than 50 psi for a period of not less than 30 minutes.
The hydrostatic test shall be conducted with no evidence of leakage and
no additional air or water needed to maintain the pressure.  During the
test period the water system shall be observed for leakage, undue noise,
and damage as a result of the test.
* Water drain system test. To determine conformance to
3.5.8 and 3.7.11, the water-drainage system shall be tested for leakage.
With the main drain outlet capped, the sink shall be filled with water.
After a period of not less than 30 minutes, the drain system shall be
examined for leakage.  Evidence of any leakage shall be cause for
* Refrigerated centrifuge test. To determine conformance to, the automatic refrigerated centrifuge shall be subjected to
a functional test.  The centrifuge unit with elevated control panel
shall be operated to verify that the speed selector permits automatic
acceleration to 6,000 rpm.  The heavy duty refrigeration system shall be
observed to verify the entire temperature control range of O degrees
Celsius ("C) to plus 30C at full speed and temperature read-out from
minus 20C to plus 40C.  The timer shall be observed for satisfactory
performance for a period of 30 minutes.  Upon completion of the test,
the centrifuge unit, all associated equipment, components and
accessories shall be examined for defects or damage caused by the test.
* Stabilizing jacks test. To determine conformance to
3.5.13 and, the stabilizing jacks shall be tested. With jacks
in place, the adjustable jacks shall be operated to level and stabilize
the vehicle.  The jacks shall be observed for proper operation without
binding or malfunctioning.  The vehicle shall be observed to verify the
jacks will provide adequate leveling and stability in relation to the
ground, under normal stationary service.

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