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Page Title: Automatic or semiautomatic transmission
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MIL-T-62498 Fuel tanks(s). Fuel tank total capacity shall be not less than 30 gallons for size 17
vehicles and not less than 43 gallons for size 39 vehicles. When more than one tank is furnished,
means shall be provided to assure equalized fuel level in both tanks.
3.4.4 Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.83. If furnished, vertical exhaust mufflers capable of being reached easily by
personnel entering and leaving either side of the cab shall be provided with a heat shield.
Vertical exhaust systems shall be provided with a hinged rain cap. When specified (see 6.2),
naturally aspirated engines shall be furnished with a spark arrester with an efficiency rating of
not less than 80 percent when tested in accordance with SAE J350. Exhaust system safety shield. The exhaust system or the hydraulic system shall be
shielded so that, in the event of a hydraulic line rupture or hydraulic fluid leak, the hydraulic
fluid will not come into contact with any part of the vehicle exhaust system.
3.4.5 Automatic or semiautomatic transmission. The vehicle shall be provided with an
automatic or semiautomatic transmission. The input torque capacity of the transmission shall be
at least equal to the maximum torque delivered by the engine. The transmission shall provide
continuous drive. The transmission shall include a hydraulic torque converter and not less than
five forward gear ratios or, for size 17 only, four forward speeds. Normal driving range selector
position shall provide not less than four forward gear ratios without movement of the selector.
The transmission shall be provided with SAE J704 power takeoff opening(s). A hydraulic
retarder shall not be used. If integral with the transmission, the hydraulic retarder shall be
disconnected. Power takeoff. When a power takeoff is furnished, it shall be of a rated capacity to
operate powered equipment. Power takeoff, when furnished, shall be air operated. Controls to
operate the power takeoff shall be located in the truck cab accessible to the seated driver. A
caution plate or decal reading "DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLE AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS WITH
POWER TAKEOFF ENGAGED" shall be provided and installed so as to be readily visible to
the seated driver.
3.4.6 Drive line components. Drive line components shal1 be adequate to transmit the
maximum delivered torque of the engine as developed through the maximum gear train
3.4.7 Frame. The chassis frame shall be the manufacturer's standard reinforced frame or a
heavy duty frame for the size vehicle furnished. The reinforced frame shall have frame

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