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Page Title: Traction control
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reinforcement extending at least from the rear of the front suspension, rear hanger bracket to the
front of the rear spring for 4x2 vehicles and to the bogie trunnion mounting bracket for 6x4
vehicles. Reinforcement in the form of fishplating is not acceptable. Both the reinforced frame
and the heavy duty frame shall have sufficient resisting bending moment to provide the structural
strength required to at least equal the loads imposed with the vehicle loaded to provide required
3.4.8 Suspension. The vehicle shall be equipped with a suspension system having a rated
capacity at least equal to the load imposed on each member, measured at the ground, with
vehicle loaded to specified GVW. When the suspension capacity is rated at the spring pads,
unsprung weight shall be deducted. Vehicles with a front axle rating of 12,000 pounds or less
shall be equipped with hydraulic, double-acting shock absorbers at the front wheels.
3.4.9 Axles. Axle ratings shall be at least equal to the load imposed on each axle,
measured at the ground, when the vehicle is loaded to its required GVW. Axle gear ratios shall
provide the performance specified in 3.3.1. A single reduction drive axle shall be furnished. Rear bogie. The rear bogie on size 39 vehicles shall be of the four-wheel type,
complete with axles, springs, torque rods and all other necessary parts. The bogie shall be
provided with means permitting differential action between the two axles, and a manually
controlled lockout assuring equal power to each rear axle. The lockout control shall be located
in the cab and shall be equipped with a warning light to indicate when the lockout is engaged. Traction control. An automatic traction control shall be furnished. The traction
control on size 39 trucks shall be on the forward axle of the rear bogie. The traction control shall
actuate automatically to insure that power is transmitted to the wheels having traction when the
opposite wheel loses traction. Maximum traction capabilities shall be maintained at all times
under each drive wheel for the life of the vehicle.
3.4.10 Wheels, rims, tires and tubes. The vehicle shall be equipped with single front and
single or dual rear wheels. Rims and tire ratings shall conform to Tire and Rim Association
recommendations for the type and size of tires furnished. The tire size and the rim size shall be
the same for all wheels on the vehicle. After being mounted, each front tire and wheel assembly
shall be balanced within industry limits so as to eliminate wheel tramp or drumming at road
speeds up to 50 mph. When specified (see 6.2), disc type wheels shall be furnished.

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