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Page Title: Inner tubes
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MIL-T-62498 Tires. Tires shall be tube or tubeless type with highway tread. Tires shall be steel
belted radial, or when specified (see 6.2), bias ply. Tires shall be of a rated capacity at least
equal to the load imposed on each tire, measured at each wheel, at the ground, with the vehicle
loaded to required GVW. Tires shall conform to Tire and Rim Association recommendations or
to ZZ-T-381 with a size designation, system the same as the Tire and Rim Association. Inner tubes. When tube type tires are furnished, inner tubes shall be of the heavy
duty type, and shall be of proper size for the tires furnished. Tire flaps shall be provided for tube
type tires in accordance with Tire and Rim Association recommendations.
3.4.11 Brakes. The brakes shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
393.40 through 393.43 and 393.45 through 393.52. Air brakes. The vehicle shall be equipped with full-air brakes on all wheels. The
braking system, complete with all necessary components, shall include:
(a) Air compressor, unloader-head type, engine driven and engine lubricated, air or water
cooled, and having a capacity of not less than 12 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
(b) Air storage reservoir(s), with not less than 2,000 cubic inches total capacity for sizes
17 and 29 and not less than 3,360 cubic inches total capacity for size 39. Each tank
shall be equipped with a drain. Safety and check valves shall be provided between the
compressor and the last reservoir tank
(c) Foot control, suspended or treadle type
(d) Air control valves
(e) Air pressure gage, visible to the driver
(f) Low air pressure warning, visible and audible
(g) Service brake stop lamp switch
(h) Alcohol aspirator, with a transparent, unbreakable container
(i) Automatic moisture ejector
(j) Automatic slack adjusters.
(k) When specified (see 6.2), in lieu of subparagraph (h), an air dryer shall be furnished.
The air dryer shall be of the desiccant type. Brake controls for use from a towing vehicle. When specified (see 6.2), the
vehicle shall be furnished with a system for controlling the brakes from a towing vehicle
(wrecker). The installation shall be complete with air brake couplers and a relay emergency
valve with no-bleed-back feature (except when a spring applied emergency brake is furnished),

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