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Page Title: Rearview mirrors
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MIL-T-62498 Back-up alarm. When specified (see 6.2), the vehicle shall be provided with an
audible, pulsating, signaling device (electrical or mechanical) to caution personnel when the
vehicle is in reverse gear operation.
3.4.20 Rearview mirrors. Outside rearview mirrors shall be mounted on each side of the
cab. The mirrors shall include flat and convex areas or separate mirrors for each. The flat area
on the mirrors shall have not less than 50 square inches of reflective area. The convex area on
the mirrors shall have not less than 20 square inches of reflective area. The mirrors on
conventional cabs shall have not less than three supporting arms. On tilt cabs, the mirrors shall
have not less than two supports.
3.4.21 Engine hour meter. An engine hour meter having a totalizing mechanism of not
less than 9,999 hours shall be furnished for the chassis engine to register accurately the number
of hours of operating time. The meter shall be of rugged construction to assure continuous
trouble-free performance under severe operating conditions. The engine hour meter shall be
mounted on the cab instrument panel or in the engine compartment in a readable location.
3.5 Body. The body shall be of the side hopper loading, power compaction type. A
loading hopper and mechanisms that deliver refuse from the hopper into the body and compact
the refuse shall be provided. Compacted refuse shall be discharged at the rear either by dumping
or by means of a mechanism that allows the compaction plate to travel to the end of the body for
load ejection. The operations shall be actuated through selective controls and shall utilize power
from the vehicle engine. The installation of the body on the chassis shall be subject to the
approval of the chassis manufacturer.
3.5.1 Construction. The body shall be of general welded construction fabricated from steel
sheets or plates reinforced with steel shapes to withstand continuous operation at maximum
imposed loads without evidence of deformation or excessive wear to the body or its components.
The interior of the body shall have a smooth, cleanable finish; shall be free of pockets and
restrictions that might collect refuse; and shall be painted with a rust-inhibiting primer. The
body shall load and retain all refuse material, including ashes and liquid-saturated garbage,
without spillage or liquid leakage during both the refuse collection and the transport operations.
3.5.2 Hopper. The hopper shall be located directly behind the cab and shall be box type,
with an opening on the top for refuse loading. The height of the lower edge of the hopper

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