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Page Title: Compaction cycle time
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opening shall be not more than 46 inches from the ground for sizes 17 and 29, and not more than
48 inches from the ground for size 39. The dimensions of the opening shall accommodate the
emptying of not less than a standard 55-gallon drum. The hopper shall have a capacity of not
less than 0.75 cubic yard. Wind door. A hinged hopper wind door with means of locking in open and closed
positions shall be provided at least on the street side of the hopper to prevent spillage of refuse
when loading.
3.5.3 Compacting. The compacting plate shall clear the hopper by pushing its contents
into the main cavity of the body. The plate shall not bypass refuse. The compacting plate shall
enter the main body not less than 6 inches to insure packing of refuse in the complete body
volume, and to minimize fall-back of refuse into the hopper. The refuse truck shall either be
equipped with a deep hopper (not less than 30 inches) or, if hopper depth is less than 30 inches, a
crusher panel, to accommodate large objects. Compaction-density. The compaction system shall be capable of compacting
refuse to a density of not less than 650 pounds per cubic yard. This compaction density shall be
considered normal service, such that in frequent compaction to this density, the stress levels
required for long fatigue life of the vehicle are not exceeded. Compaction cycle time. The compaction cycle time shall be not more than
20 seconds.
3.5.4 Rear refuse ejection. The rear ejection opening shall be full body width and height.
The tailgate door(s) shall be hinged at the top or the side, and shall, when open, provide an
unrestricted opening for ejecting the refuse. The door(s) shall be reinforced to prevent
deformation which may cause leaks between door(s) and body during packing operation.
Latches shall be provided for holding the door(s) securely in a locked position. When a single,
top-hinged door is furnished, power-operated means shall be provided for swinging the tailgate
away from the body to permit unobstructed ejection. Refuse shall be discharged either by
dumping, or by means of an over-ride mechanism, allowing the compaction plate to traverse the
length of the body, thereby ejecting the refuse. When rear dumping is used, body props shall be
3.5.5 Operating mechanisms. The mechanisms for emptying the hopper, compacting the
refuse and, when applicable, elevating the tailgate and discharging the refuse shall be
hydraulically operated. The pump shall be a heavy duty, positive displacement type. Power to

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