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MIL-T-63359(AR) Vibration. - This test shall be performed using a
testing device, the accuracy of which shall be equal to or
exceed the accuracy depicted on Fixture Drawing F7560085. The
test shall be performed as outlined in Procedure V of MIL-F-
13926; however, the duration shall be as specified in 3.3. At
the conclusion of the test, the telescope shall be subjected to
a visual and tactile examination and shall be subjected to the
following performance test to determine conformance with 3.3.
Repeat test for cleanliness. Post vibration. - Immediately after completing the
vibration test and test for cleanliness, reassemble the tele-
scope to the testing fixture or medium without disturbing any
previous settings. Observe where the intersecting point of the
telescopes reticle fall upon the collimator projector retcile
with respect to the recorded position observed in
They must coincide within the limits of 3.7.1. Eyepiece focus. - This test is to be accomplished
by placing a white background in front of the telescope's
objective lens. Eyepiece focus is to be measured using a 3
power dioptometer conforming to the accuracies depicted on
Drawing 7680631. Adjust the dioptometer eyepiece assembly to
the dioptometer's optical axis. Next direct the dioptometer's
line of sight toward a 500 feet distance target such as a smoke
stack, edge of a building, or some other well defined target
image. Adjust the objective assembly until parallax is removed.
Set the dioptometer scale to zero diopters. The telescope
reticle and image shall remain clear and distinguishable
throughout the permissible diopter range specified in paragraph
3.7.6. Parallelism of image and reticle. - With the
telescope positioned as outlined in 4.7.1, observe coincidence
between one end of the instrument's horizontal reticle line
with respect to the comparable projector collimator's horizontal
reticle line and observe where the opposite end of the telescope
horizontal reticle line falls with respect to the projector
collimator horizontal line, both lines must coincide within the
limits specified in 3.7.3. Parallax. - Using set-up outlines in 4.7.1, parallax
will be checked after the distances specified in 3.7.8 have been
set into the projector collimator. The test is performed by
aligning the reticle line or mark near or on the optical axis
of the projector collimator reticle. Observe this positioning,

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