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Page Title: Reticle accuracy
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there shall be no apparent movement between the selected lines
or mark when the observer moves his head from side to side or
up and down. Reticle displacement shall not exceed the limits
outline in 3.7.8. Use the thickness of the elbow telescope
reticle line to estimate any apparent movement. Reticle accuracy. - Reticle accuracy may be assured
by aligning the normal line for boresighting of the telescope
under test to the corresponding reticle line of the projector
collimator. Adjustments may be made by means of loosening the
telescopes in the test fixture to obtain coincidence. When the
coincidence has been established, observe where the maximum
range  graduation  of  telescope's  reticle  falls  with  respect  to
the corresponding reticle line of the projector collimator.
They must coincide within the limits of the reticle tolerance
mark to assure compliance with 3.7.4. Resolution. - This test may be performed after
directing the line of sight toward a target similar to that
specified in MIL-O-13830. The actual test is performed as
outlined in MIL-O-13830. Observe the definition pattern on the
target. The patterns must be resolved in the four meridians
within the limits outlined in 3.7.7. Sealing. - This test shall be performed on a 100%
basis using testing equipment the accuracy of which shall
conform to the fixture depicted on Drawing F8565556. When
using pressure test fixture, the fixture shall be set-up as
outlined-in set-up instructions shown on Drawing F8565556,
Sheet 1. The gas used shall be dry nitrogen having a dew point
of -20F. After connecting the test equipment to the
telescope, adjust the pressure to the pressure specified in 3.5
and maintain the pressure for the time specified in 3.5.
Pressure gage shall remain constant to assure compliance with
3.5. At the completion of this test, connect a dew point
tester to the exit port and purge the telescope until -20F
is recorded and seal the unit containing the pressure specified
in 3.5. Internal pressure. - This test to be performed
using standard shop type pressure gage using standard
inspection techniques. This test to be performed on a 100%
inspection basis just prior to packaging for shipment. Any
telescope found not to contain an internal pressure in
accordance with 3.5 shall be rejected and repressurized and

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