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Page Title: Inspection lot formation
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4.5 Quality conformance inspection.
4.5.1 Inspection lot formation. The term "inspection lot" is defined as
a homogeneous collection of units of product from which a representative
sample-is drawn or which is inspected-1OO percent to determine conformance
with applicable requirements. Units of product selected fro inspection shall
represent only the inspection lot from which drawn and shall not be construed
to represent any prior or subsequent quantities presented for inspection.
Homogeneity shall be considered to exist provided the inspection lot has been
produced by one manufacturer in one unchanged process, using the same materials
and methods, in accordance with the same drawings, same drawing revisions, same
specifications and same specification revisions, and complies with the pro-
visions for submission of product as specified in MIL-STD-105. All material
submitted for inspection in accordance with this specification shall comply
with the homogeneity criteria specified herein, regardless of the type of
inspection procedure which is being applied to determine conformance with
4.5.2 Examination. The examinations listed in this specification for
Classification of Defects shall be performed on inspection lots as defineD in
4.4.1 of this specification. Equipment necessary for the performance of the
inspections listed shall be in accordance with 4.5.4.
a. Sampling plans. Unless otherwise specified in the Classification
of Defects and Test Tables, sampling plans and procedures for major and minor
defects shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105, Inspection Level II.
4.5.3 Testing. Testing is described in the First Article and Quality
Conformance Inspection tables.
4.5.4 Inspection equipment. The inspection equipment required to perform
the inspections and tests prescribed in this specification is identified in
the "Paragraph Reference/Inspection method" column in the tables starting with
paragraph, and the test method paragraphs (See 4.6). The contractor
shall submit for approval inspection equipment designs in accordance with the
terms of the contract. See 6.3 herein.
4.6 Methods of inspection. Any assembly which fails to comply with the
specified requirements or evidences degradation of its operational performance
shall be classed defective. Test equipment and procedures shall be
satisfactory to the Contracting Officer. (See 4.5.4).
4.6.1 Electrical requiarements. The part or assembly shall be subjected
to the electrical tests in order to determine conformance to the electrical
characteristics specified on the applicable drawing. Test equipment and

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