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Page Title: Finishes, coatings, construction, and dimensions
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3.2.3 Finishes, coatings, construction, and dimensions.  Finishes, coat-
ings, construction, and dimensions of Torpedo Tube Mk 32 Mod 9 shall be
strictly in accordance with the applicable drawings, specifications, and
publications listed in NAVORD LD 621172.
* 3.2.4 Moisture, fungus, and corrosion.  Torpedo Tube Mk 32 Mod 9 shall
be rendered moisture, fungus, and corrosion resistant in accordance with
detail requirements specified in the drawings and specifications listed
in NAVORD LD 621172.
3.2.5 Marking.  Marking of assemblies, subassemblies, and parts shall
be in accordance with the applicable drawings listed in NAVORD LD 621172.
3.2.6 Threads.  Unless otherwise specified, all threads shall be in ac-
cordance with National Bureau of Standards Handbook H28.  The class or fit
for threads shall be as specified on the applicable drawings.
3.2.7 Conflicting requirements.  In the event of conflict between the
documents referenced herein and the contents of this specification, the con-
tents of this specification shall apply.
3.2.8 Safety precautions .  All standard safety precautions for high pres-
sure air shall be strictly observed.  No test shall be permitted to continue
if in the opinion of the test engineer it is deemed unsafe.  While conduct-
ing any of the firings, personnel shall stand clear of the breechward access
opening and breech mechanism.  Charging lines should be secured with safety
chains when high pressure air charging operations are in progress.
3.3 Definitions.
For the purpose of this specification the following
definitions apply:
3.3.1 Torpedo tube assembly.
The launching device in its assembled state.
3.3.2 Nonoperating condition.  The condition of the tube when assembled,
prepared, issued, transported, and handled.
3.3.3 Safe condition.  The condition of the barrel assembly when the
lever of the control valve operating mechanism is in the muzzleward posi-
tion, the latch over the manual fire button of the solenoid valve is up and
locked in position, and the muzzle door is closed and the manual knob linkage
handle above the safe-ready solenoid valves is in the REMOTE position, as
indicated on the support bracket.
3.3.4 Ready condition.  That condition when the charged breech is in-
stalled and locked in position, the breakaway plug is mated to the torpedo,
the breechward access cover is secured, and the muzzle door is open.  The
lever of the control valve operating mechanism is in the breechward position.

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