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Page Title: Safe-ready solenoid operating current
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MIL-T-82571A (OS)
3.4.10 Safe-ready solenoid operating current.  The current drawn by each
safe-ready solenoid circuit shall not exceed 0.4 ampere continuous (0.52
ampere inrush).
The total current drawn by
3.4.11 Firing solenoid operating current.
each firing solenoid shall not exceed 1.5 ampere continuous (1.95 inrush).
3.4.12 Total operating current.  When all electrical components of one
barrel of the torpedo tube are operating (with the exception of torpedo
squib firing), the total maximum current drain shall be 10.5 ampere at 115
plus or minus 0.5 volts ac input.
3.4.13 Muzzle door heater resistance.  The electrical resistance of each
muzzle door heater circuit shall be 14.4 plus 1.6 or minus 0.7 ohms.
3.4.14 Muzzle door seal test.  With force applied axially from the lip
of the door farthest removed from the hinge, the axial force required to
open the muzzle door, when no air is supplied to the pneumatic system,
shall be 20 plus or minus 12 pounds.
3.4.15 Squib fire switch.  When the latch plate is lowered, the switch
plunger moves out forcefully, opening the normal squib fire circuit and
closing the emergency squib fire circuit.  Closing the emergency squib cir-
cuit automatically activates the course gyro in Torpedo Mk 46.
3.4.16 Ready light interlock circuits.  The two ready light interlock
circuits (one for each barrel, and each consisting of the muzzle door closed
switch, ready light switch, and pressure switch) shall be given a continuity
check during functional operation while the dry firing tests (
and torpedo exit velocity tests ( are being performed. Control box ready light switch.  When the switch actuator plate on
the control box is placed in the ON position, the ready light switch con-
tacts for that individual circuit shall close. Pressure switch operation.  The pressure switch contacts in each
barrel shall close at 1275 plus or minus 75 psig and remain closed at pres-
sures above this value.  The pressure switch contacts shall open on falling
pressure at 1275 plus or minus 75 psig and remain open at pressures below
this value. Muzzle door ready light switch.  When the muzzle door is fully
open (3.4.18) under 95 plus or minus 5 psig pressure, the ready light switch
in the muzzle door shall close.  The switch shall open when the muzzle door
closes 6 degrees max from the fully open position.

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