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Page Title: Periodic production sample
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MIL-T-82571A (OS)
the preproduction tests detailed in 4.5, at an activity designated by the
procuring activity (see 6.2).  Further production of the torpedo tube by
the contractor prior to approval-of the preproduction sample shall be at
the contractor's own risk.  Approved preproduction samples shall be included
as a part of the quantity specified for delivery in the contract or order.
4.3.2 Lot size.  Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order,
each shipment of units of product shall be a separate "inspection lot"
and may differ from the quantity specified in the total order or contract.
In any event, all units of a single "inspection lot" shall be made to the
same design, with the same materials and manufacturing techniques, and
shall be part of one continuous production run.
4.3.3 Periodic production sample.  From each succeeding lot of 50 or
less, a periodic production sample of one torpedo tube assembly shall be
selected at random and submitted to an activity designated by the procuring
activity (see 6.2) for periodic production inspection.  The sample shall
be examined for compliance with the requirements of the contract,
specification and drawings and tested in accordance with 4.5.  Failure
of the sample to comply with any requirement shall result in the rejection
of the lot as determined by the procuring activity (see 6.2).
4.3.4  Quality conformance sampling.  The tests and examinations detailed
in 4,4 shall be conducted on each torpedo tube assembly to be delivered;
therefore, there shall be no sampling for quality conformance.  Defective
units shall be rejected.
4.4  Quality conformance inspection.  Each Torpedo Tube Mk 32 Mod 9 to be
delivered under contract shall be subjected to the tests and examinations
specified in this section.
4.4.1 Test conditions.  Unless otherwise specified, the torpedo tubes
shall be subjected to quality conformance tests under the following condi-
tions: Test sequence.  The sequence of testing procedures presented
herein is suggested only.  The tests may be performed in any order that
will permit the most practical and economical use of manpower and equipment. Temperature.
Room ambient 65 degree'; Fahrenheit (F) to 95
degrees F (18
degrees centigrade (C) to 35 degrees C). Altitude:
Normal ground atmospheric pressure. Vibration: None.

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