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Page Title: Muzzle door switches
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MIL-T-82571A(OS) Continuity.
Continuity shall exist across terminals 8 and 9
of TB105 in the tube junction box. Muzzle door switches.  Open both muzzle doors by manually
turning the linkage handle above the safe-ready solenoid valves to the MANUAL
position.  Continuity shall exist between terminals 8 and 9 of TB105. Access opening switches.  With the muzzle doors open, open the
access cover of each barrel.  Opening of the access cover of either barrel
shall break continuity between terminals 8 and 9 of TB105.  Close access covers. Breech mechanism locking handle switch.  Rotate the breech
locking ring of each barrel to the unlocked position, then back to the locked
position.  Unlocking the ring on each barrel shall break continuity between
terminals 8 and 9 of TB105. Continuity.
Continuity shall be in accordance with NAVORD Draw-
ing 1448418. Lanyard retainer.  The lanyard retainer plunger shall be depressed
by hand and a loop of 0.069 minimum diameter wire shall be assembled to each
retainer.  The plungers shall depress by hand pressure and the retainers shall
accept and secure the loop of 0.069 minimum diameter wire. Dry firing tests.  Each breech mechanism shall be charged to
Pressure in accordance with Schedule I at a rate not exceeding 250 psig per
minute.  The low pressure system shall be energized with 95 plus or minus 5
psig pneumatic pressure.  The control valve operating lever shall be placed
in the ready condition by manual or electrical operation of the safe-ready
solenoid valves as indicated in Schedule I.  The plug puller mechanism shall
be placed in the latched position.  Each barrel shall be fired a total of
five times without a torpedo in place.  The input voltage to the firing sole-
noid and safe-ready solenoids shall be varied in accordance with Schedule 1.
The application of test voltage during firings shall be regulated by the test
circuit of, which shall limit firing potential duration to 400 milli-
seconds maximum.  After each firing the breech mechanism shall be rotated
to ensure that the breech mechanisms are interchangeable. Safe-ready solenoid valve test.  The safe-ready solenoids in
each barrel shall be operated manually and electrically in accordance with
Schedule I.  Proper operation shall be indicated by door and control valve
lever operation. Safe-ready cylinder operation.  The safe-ready cylinder shall
operate in such a manner that the control valve operating plunger shall not
engage the control valve until the muzzle door is within 5 degrees of the
full open position.

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