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Page Title: Carrier deviation
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Frequency (command subsystem). Swept over a range of Foc -2.25
MHz or lower to FO +2.25 MHz or higher. Foc  is a frequency which will be
specified by the procuring activity.
Sweep characteristics.  The total sweep period including retrace
and dead time between end of retrace and active sweep shall be 20 3 seconds.
The sweep rate shall be not greater than 2.5 MHz per second in the Foc 2.25
The slope of the frequency vs. time characteristic shall be posi-
MHz band.
tive for the active portion of the sweep.
The carrier shall be modulated by 2300 and 5400 HZ Modulation.
subcarrier oscil lators. Carrier deviation.  The peak-to-peak carrier deviation shall be a
minimum of 15 KHz for the 2300 Hz frequency and 25 KHz for the 5400 Hz
frequency with the peak-to-peak voltages at TP-9 and TP-10 set for 300 and 700
mV peak-to-peak respectively. Radiated power. Radiated power shall be -40 8 dbm.
The sweep shall complete its excursion Full sweep capability.
across the FOC 2.25 MHz band when S1 and S2 are released while the frequency
is within this band, and shall not repeat until either S1 or S2 is again
depressed. Detector subsystem. When S1 is depressed, the electronics assembly
shall detect and indicate the presence of an unmodulated or frequency
modulated RF signal as specified in 3 . through Frequency (detector subsystem).
Any (and all) frequency(ies) in
a band of Fov 20 MHz. F  OC is
a frequency which will be specified in the
contract (see 6.2.1).
3.5.1 .2.2.2 Power level (detector subsystem). -1 to +10 dbm applied directly
to the detector input at P1. Sensitivity adjustment (detector subsystem). Adjustment of
variable resistor, R6, shall provide a threshold sensitivity adjustment over a
minimum range of -1 to +3 dbm when the signal is applied directly to the input
of the detector at PI. Detection indication (detector subsystem). An indication that
the electronics assembly has detected a signal, as defined above, shall be
provided by indicator lamp, DS 1.  The lamp shall start flashing within 5
seconds after application of the RF signal and shall continue with a period of
+1, -.5 second and duty cycle of 10 to 25 percent.
The electronics assembly shall contain self
3.5.1 .2.3 Self test subsystem.
test capability which tests the sweep circuit,  the detector circuit and
battery condition as specified in through

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