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Page Title: Reliability assurance tests
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Operational test at certain environmental conditions.  The conditions
may vary for each test set tested and should be based on results of
the first article, individual, and special tests.
Manufacturing run-in test specified in except that the test
duration shall be 120 hours with no restriction on the number of
failures. However, each failure shall be analyzed as to cause and
remedial action necessary to reduce the possibility of its recurrence
in future test sets.
4.5.3 Reliability assurance tests.
Reliability assurance tests shall be
conducted in accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-781. Tests shall be
conducted as required for both the qualification phase and the production
acceptance (sampling) phase. Reliability qualification phase.
Prior to acceptance of test sets
under the contract or purchase order, a contractually specified quantity of
test sets (or a minimum of three if not specified) shall be subjected to the
combined reliability qualification requirements for unsheltered shipboard
equipment (category 3.B) of MIL-STD-781, using Test Plan IC therein
200). Reliability acceptance phase.
Production lot samples of the test
sets shall be subjected to the combined production reliability acceptance
requirements for unsheltered shipboard equipment (category 3.B) of
MIL-STD-781, using Test Plan VC therein (r] = 100).
4 . Acceptance phase sample size.  The entire contract quantity (except
for those test sets used in the qualification phase) shall be considered one
The reliability acceptance sample size shall be 10 percent of the
The test program shall
contract quantity, but not less than three units.
start the first month after the qualification phase has been completed.  The
samples shall be tested until an accept/reject decision has been reached. In
the meantime, other equipments manufactured may be shipped in place, with
The test results shall be summarized
approval from the contracting officer.
monthly and made available for the procuring activity (see 6.2.2). The
procuring activity reserves the right to stop the acceptance of test sets
anytime after one more reject decisions have been reached, pending a review of
the contractor's efforts to improve the test set, parts, quality control; in
order that the entire contract quantity will result in an accept decision. Test details.
The test details such as the length of the test cycle,
the length of the heat portion of the cycle, the performance characteristics
to be measured, special failure criteria, and preventive maintenance to be
allowed during the test, shall be part of the test procedures to be made
available and accepted by the procuring activity prior to the beginning of the
qualification test phase of the reliability assurance tests (see 6.2.2}.
Temperature extremes.
The temperature extremes shall be limited to
4 .
-40C to +55C storage, and -28C to +55C operating. Voltage cycling.
Voltage cycling in accordance with MIL-STD-781 is
not required.

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