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Page Title: Construction and components
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3.2.3 Recovered materials.  Unless otherwise specified herein, all equip-
ment , material, and articles incorporated in the products covered by this speci-
fication shall be new and may be fabricated using materials produced from
recovered materials to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the
intended use.  The term "recovered materials" means materials which have been
collected or recovered from solid waste and reprocessed to become a source of
raw materials, as opposed to virgin raw materials.  None of the above shall be
interpreted to mean that the use of used or rebuilt products is allowed under
this specification unless otherwise specifically specified.
3.3 Construction and components.  Valves shall be of the pressure-seated
type that shall withstand an internal pressure of 3360 pounds per square inch
(lb/in2) without evidence of deformation or leakage, when tested in accordance
with 4.5.11.
3.3.1 Class B valve.  The class B valve shall be of the pressure-seated,
positive shut-off, manually-operated squeeze grip type.  The class B valve shall
contain the following major components:
Valve body.
Operating lever.
Carrying handle.
Siphon tube.
Pressure-relief device.
Locking pin.
Lock-open device. Valve body.  The valve body shall have an inlet connection, outlet
connection, and hanger lug.
3.3. 1.1.1  Inlet connection.  The inlet connection shall be located at the
base of the valve.  It shall be threaded with external (male) 1.O-11.5NGT threads.
The valve shall be drilled and tapped with 1/8-27NPT threads to receive the siphon
3.3.1. 1.2 Outlet connection.  The outlet connection shall be located
parallel to or in line with the valve handle for attachment of a discharge hose.
It shall have external 0.25-18NPSM threads and incorporate an anti-recoil feature. Hanger lug.  The valve body shall have an integral hanger lug for
a hook-type bulkhead bracket.  The hanger lug shall have a lug hole with a minimum
diameter of 0.5 inch.  The center of the lug hole shall be a minimum of 1.25
inches from the center of the valve and located 90 degrees in a counterclockwise
direction from the valve handle when viewed from the top of the valve. Operating lever and carrying handle.  The operating lever and
carrying handle for class B valve shall be brass in accordance with QQ-B-626
or corrosion resisting steel (CRES) in accordance with QQ-S-766 with a minimum
thickness of 0.040 inch after forming.  The lever and handle shall be attached
to the valve body by pins or rivets of brass or CRES.  Pins or rivets shall be
spun over or otherwise closed on both ends.  The lever and handle shall pass
the tests as specified in 4.5.9.

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