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Page Title: Siphon tube
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MIL-V-17360E Siphon tube.  When specified (see 6.2.1), a siphon tube shall be
securely fastened to the valve body.  The siphon tube shall be fabricated of a
nonferrous metal with a heavy copper base.  It shall be as shown on figure 1.
The length of the siphon tube shall be such that, when the valve is inserted
in the cylinder, the tube shall extend to within approximately 0.5 inch of the
cylinder bottom. Pressure-relief device.  The valve shall be fitted with a pressure-
relief device, type CG-1 (rupture-disk device), in accordance with CGA S-1.1 with
a rated bursting pressure of 2650 to 3000 lb/in2 gauge.  The pressure-relief
device shall consist of a rupture disk, rupture disk washer, and rupture disk nut
as shown on figure 2.  A fusible plug type pressure-relief device shall not be
acceptable. Locking pin.  The valve shall be fitted with a locking pin as shown
on figure 3.  The locking pin shall pass through the operating lever in such a
way that the valve will not operate with the locking pin in place.  The locking
pin shall be held captive to the valve by a short piece of retainer chain (or
equivalent) , so that it will not be lost during the operation of the valve,  The
locking pin shall not interfere with the functioning of the valve or safety
release device. Tamper seal.  A visible mechanical tamper seal shall hold the
locking pin in the safe position.  Use of or tampering with the valve shall break
the tamper seal.  The seal shall be able to be replaced by shipboard personnel.
3*3.1.6 Lock-open device.  The valve shall be fitted with a D-ring type
It shall be permanently affixed to the
lock-open device as shown on figure 4.
carrying handle and shall engage with the operating lever to permit the valve
to be locked open.
3.3.2 Class C valve.  The class C valve shall be a piston-operated (gas,
pressure media) valve as shown on figure 5.  It shall contain the following major
(a) Valve body.
(b) Siphon tube.
(c) Pressure-relief device. Valve body.  The valve body shall consist of a vertical-motion,
back-pressure seated main valve and an auxiliary or pilot valve. Auxiliary or pilot valve.  The auxiliary or pilot valve shall
permit charging of the valved cylinder.  It shall be positively seated by the
pressure of the gas within the charged cylinder but may be unseated by mechanical
means for either charging of the cylinder or operation of the main valve disk
to discharge the contents of the cylinder.  The latter function shall be accom-
plished by means of a passage incorporated in the valve body leading from the
discharge side of the pilot valve to an annular groove in the face of the main

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