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Page Title: Synthetic rubber parts
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MIL-V-25023B Maintenance.- The flush-type drain valve shall be so designed as to
permit changing of the poppet main "O" ring seal when installed in a full tank,
A maximum lose of 30 cc of fuel shall be the total allowable for the exchange
of this seal.
3.3.2 Construction.- The valve shall be constructed to withstand the strains,
jars, vibrations, and other conditions incident to shipping, storage, installation,
and service use.  Valves, other than the poppet type, shall be so constructed
that adjustments, repairs, or replacements can be easily made by the personnel
of operating units and overhaul bases. "O" ring s.- All "0" rings shall conform to MS29513. Lubrication.- The valve shall operate satisfactorily without the
use of lubricants. Fuel.- The valve shall operate satisfactorily with fuels conforming
to MIL-G-5572 and MIL-T-5624.
3.4  Interch angeability.- All parts having the same manufacturer's part
number shall be directly and completely interchangeable with each other with
respect to installation and performance.  Changes in manufacturer's part numbers
shall be governed by the drawing number requirements of MIL-D-1000.
3.5 Screw threads.- All threads shall be in accordance with MIL-S-7742.
3.6 Locking of parts.- All threaded parts shall be locked by safety wiring,
by all-metal self-locking nuts conforming to MIL-N-25027 cottar pins, or other
approved methods.  Safety wire shall be installed in accordance with MS33540 and
shall conform to MS20995.  Self-locking nuts shall be used in accordance with
MS33588.  Self-locking nuts shall not be used where loosening or disengagement
of the nut could result in the nut or other parts entering the fuel system.  The
use of lockwashers or staking is not permitted.  All threaded locking elements
shall conform to the torque test requirements of MIL-F-18240.
3.7 Synthetic rubber parts.-
3.7.1 Marking and age controls.- Marking and age controls shall conform to
ANA Bulletin No. 438.
3.7.2 Serviceabilityy.- AU synthetic rubber parts shall be readily replace-
able with a minimum replacement of attaching parts.
3.8 Performance.- The valves shall satisfy the performance requirements
specified herein when subjected to tests specified in section 4.
3.9 Identification of product.- The valve shall be marked for identification
in accordance with MIL-STD-130.  The identification data applied to the valve
shall be as follows:

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