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Page Title: Preproduction test failure
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of approximately 21 C (70 F) and at oil
temperatures of 21 to 43 C (70 to 110 F).
Burst pressure
The actual oil temperature shall be reported.
Pressure compensation
4.7 Test methods.
Extreme temperature operation
Packing, packaging and
4.7.1 Examination of product. Each brake
valve shall be carefully examined to determine
conformance with the requirements for mate-
4.5.3 Inspection lot. For purposes of inspec-
rial, workmanship, and markings as specified
tion sampling, an inspection lot shall be all the
herein, and conforming to the limiting dimen-
brake valves manufactured under the same
sions indicated on the manufacturer's applic-
conditions and off offered for inspection at one
able drawings.
time. Immersion of plastic parts. Valves
4.5.4 Report of tests. A report in duplicate,
containing plastic parts shall be subjected to,
showing the quantitative results for all the
and meet the test requirements of Specification
tests required by this specification, shall be
MIL-P-5517. These tests shall be conducted
submitted to the procuring activity.
prior to all other tests unless these tests are
specifically waived by the procuring activity
4.5.5 Rejection and retest.
on the basis that the plastic material used has
been previously qualified in similar usage. Preproduction test failure. The fail-
ure of any preproduction test. unit subjected to
the tests as the first unit of a new design shall
4.7.2 output pressure.
be cause for rejection of the design represent-
ed. The acceptance of the remaining brake A typical output pressure and pres-
valves on a contract or purchase order shall
sure range test set up is shown on figure 1.
be dependent upon approval of the test results
The test setup and procedure used in testing
on the preproduction sample required by 4.4.1
shall be described in detail, including details
of this specification.
of the type of brake, or simulated brake, and
its characteristics used in testing. Acceptance test failure. Rejected
lots may be resubmitted in accordance with The following conditions shall apply
paragraph titled "Resubmitted lots" of Stand-
for the above test:
ard MIL-STD105. A resubmitted lot shall be
(a) The line between the brake valve and
inspected using tightened inspection. Before
brake, or simulated brake, shall be
resubmitting, full particulars concerning pre-
the size and length of the system
vious rejection and the action taken to correct
for which the valve is being tested.
the defects found in the original shall be fur-
nished the inspector. Units rejected after re-
(b) The brake valve shall deliver to the
test shall not be resubmitted without the spe-
brake or simulated brake, when
cific approval of the procuring activity.
maximum brake line pressure is
applied, a quantity of fluid equal
4.6 Test conditions.
to the volume capacity of the
brakes in the system for which the
4.6.1 Oil for testing. The oil used in con-
valve is being tested.
ducting tests shall conform to Specification
(c) In the event that a brake is not used
in this test, brake action should be
simulated with a hydraulic cylin-
4.6.2 Temperature. Unless otherwise noted,
der in which hydraulic pressure
all tests shall be conducted at a temperature

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