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Page Title: Pressure compensation
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MIL-V-5525C Pressure decrease. A typical test set- With the valve in full brake-on posi-
up for compensation of pressure decrease is
tion, leakage shall be measured at the return
shown on figure 1. Pressure shall be maintain-
port when outlet pressure at the brake port
ed in the brake line at approximately 75 per-
is maximum and 3,000 psi is held at the inlet
cent of the operating range under a system
pressure of 3,000 psi. The bleeder valve shall
4.7.6 Endurance. System operating pressure
then be opened to permit a flow of 2 cubic
shall be applied at the pressure port, and the
inches per minute to permit the pressure in
brake valve shall deliver fluid at the rated
the brake line to drop. The pressure in the
output pressure throughout 10,000 full stroke
brake line shall not fall below 85 percent of
cycles and 90,000 cycles at a load pressure
the original brake pressure before compensa-
corresponding to 60 percent of full load. A
tion is effected. The compensated pressure shall
typical setup for this test is indicated in fig-
be within + 15 percent of the original brake-
ure 4. The output pressure shall be checked at
line pressure.
least once every 10,000 cycles. No components
of the valve assembly shall be replaced during Pressure increase. A typical test set-
this test except packings which may be re-
up for compensation of pressure increase is
placed after 50,000 cycles. No malfunctioning
shown on figure 1 and the testing procedure
shall occur. At the completion of this test, the
shall be the same as for pressure compensation
full stroke brake pressure shall not have
during pressure decrease, except that an at-
changed in excess of + 5 percent, and the in-
tempt shall be made to increase the pressure
ternal leakage shall not exceed that permitted
at the brake port to approximately 115 per-
by the detail specification or drawing. The
cent of the original brake pressure by means
external leakage through sliding seals shall
of the hand pump. The compensated pressure
not. exceed a rate of 1 drop per 50 cycles of
shall be within + 15 percent of the original
brake-line pressure.
4.7.7 Pressure compensation. The brake
4.7.8 Extreme temperature operation. These
valve shall compensate for pressure changes
tests shall be conducted on the preproduction
at the brake port. At any brake pressure set-
test sample valves having minimum clearance.
ting, the compensating range shall not. exceed
These valves shall operate at any temperature
+ 5 percent, or as specified in the detail speci-
from --54 to +71 C (--65 to + 160 F)
fication or drawing, of the maximum brake
without sticking, binding, or other malfunc-
pressure initially attained at this setting.

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