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Page Title: Radiographic examination of loaded warhead
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MIL-W-50986A (AR)
4.5.2 Radiographic examination of loaded warhead.  The loaded
warhead shall be radiographically examined, in accordance with the
procedures of MIL-STD-453. by directing the beam normal to the
longitudinal axis of the warhead.  This radiograph shall be taken
normal to the Radiograph in 4.5.1 and normal to the warhead
longitudinal axis.  The penetrameter used in the application
specified in MIL-STD-453 shall be designed and constructed to
insure a two (2) percent sensitivity.  In addition, the
sensitivity of x-ray technique shall be 2.0 percent, and the
photographic density of the film used shall be no less than 1.00.
Any warhead that has a component missing, or in which the forward
cap assembly terminal and the forward end of the electrical
harness assembly are improperly connected, or in which the cable
and fuze are improperly placed, or in which the cable is
improperly connected to the fuze, or the compression pad is
improperly placed shall be considered defective.  Radiographic
equipment, operations and procedures shall be qualified in
accordance with Specification MIL-R-11470.
4.5.3 Insulation integrity test.  Each warhead in the sample
shall have a one hundred (100) volt DC potential applied to
measure the resistance between the leads of the wiring harness and
between the live lead and the warhead.  No more than 0.10
milliampere shall be applied to the circuit.  Any assembly that
does not meet the requirement of 3.5 shall be classed defective.
4.5.4 Resistance test (piezoelectric circuit).  Each  warhead
shall be checked for the resistance of the piezoelectric circuit
by contacting the cable assembly where the fuze connects, applying
no more than 0.10 milliampere to the circuit and measuring the
resistance.  Any assembly that does not meet the requirements on
the drawing shall be rejected and withdrawn from the lot.
4.5.5 Penetration.  The warhead less fuze and compression pad
shall be mounted symmetrically and aligned perpendicular to the
target stack.  Standoff of 0.0 inches may be achieved by resting
the warhead on the tip of the nose cap.  The target stack shall be
of sufficient height to contain the warhead jet.  The maximum
depth of penetration shall be measured to the nearest tenth (1/10)
inch by a probe of the last plate or rod penetrated.  The warhead
shall be initiated by an M84 Electric Detonator in conjunction
with a booster assembly, dwg. 9259254.  The booster assembly shall
be held in normal position by filler material which shall center
the initiator against the booster inside a Fuze Sleeve, dwg.
9259239.  The Cap, dwg. 9258181, shall be drilled with a five
sixteenth (5/16) inch, maximum, hole to facilitate electrical
cable.  The test procedure shall provide for preparation of the

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