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Page Title: Ease of Maintenance
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Established component and vehicular rating and capacities shall not be increased to meet the
requirements of this specification. The dolly drawbar shall be in the straight-ahead towing
position. The minimum practicable number of components may be removed to meet the
reducible height specified in (f). Any sectionalization and reassembly required shall each be
accomplished in not more than 3 hours without cutting or welding.
Total weight
60,000 lbs., max.
Fifth wheel load limit
30,000 lbs., max.
Axle load limit, each axle
18,000 lbs., max.
Overall length
600 in., max.
Overall width
120 in., max.
Reducible highway transport height
162 in., max.
Ground clearance (SAE J894)
9.5 in., min.
Ground clearance excluding axles with dolly
and with either truck-tractor (M123 and M52)
12 in., min.
Upper fifth-wheel height
(1)  Semitrailer level
58 in.
(2)  for 10 ton M123 (see MS500070)
64 in.
(3)  for 5 ton M52 (see MS500008)
55 in.
Landing gear (front) clearance radius
90 in., min.
("LWC" of SAE J701)
Swing radius ("SR" of SAE J701)
58 in., max.
Kingpin setting range ("KP" of SAE J701)
21 in. through 36 in.
Center-of-gravity height
110 in., max.
3.1.3 Ease of Maintenance. All major assemblies and installed attachments shall be
accessible for maintenance and repair utilizing common tools and special tools furnished with
the unit. The replacement and adjustment of components and accessories shall be accomplished
with minimum drainage and with minimum disturbance to other components of the unit. Ease of
maintenance provisions shall incorporate to the maximum practicable extent features insuring
operating clearances and facilitating maintenance and servicing operations. Unless otherwise
specified herein, covers, plates, panels, and guards which must be removed for adjustment,
maintenance, or component removal shall be held in place by nonremovable studs, washers,
lock-washers, and nuts. Where practicable, access shall be provided by a hinged door, and
hinges shall be welded to door and frame of opening. Such doors shall be provided with a
hinged or nonhinged hasp which mates with a nonremovable stud, and be held closed by a
lockwasher and nut.
3.2 Preproduction model. The supplier shall furnish a unit for examination and test
within the time frame specified (see 6.2) to prove, prior to starting production, that his
production methods and choice of design detail will produce units that comply with the

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