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Page Title: Electrical system.
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located as to be a hazard to operating or maintenance personnel shall be fully enclosed or
guarded. Step surfaces shall provide a nonskid footing. Nonfunctional sharp edges, projection
points, and excessive length of fasteners shall be eliminated. An unobstructed space shall be
provided on the rear of the unit for mounting of an emblem identifying slow-moving vehicles. A
mounting bracket socket shall be permanently installed and shall conform to SAE J725 and
ASAE S276.1. An emblem and its mounting blade shall be furnished on each unit and shall be
in accordance with ASAE S276.1. For other than travel, the emblem and blade shall be stowed
in the toolbox.
3.7 Hoppers and chutes. All portions of hoppers, chutes, plates, and metal surfaces
subjected to abrasive wear caused by aggregate movement shall be lined or faced with
replaceable, abrasion-resistant steel plates not less than 3/8 inch in thickness conforming to
ASTM A242. All bolt heads subjected to the flow of aggregate shall not extend beyond surfaces
exposed to the material and shall be of hardened steel.
3.7.1 Screen feed chute. A feed chute shall be mounted at the feed end of the vibrator screen
to receive material from the scrubber discharge chute and discharge it evenly across the full
width of the screen.
3.7.2 Screen discharge hopper and chutes. Discharge hopper. A discharge hopper shall be located under the vibrating screen to
receive all material that passes through the bottom deck and pass it into the receiving hopper of
the dehydrator. Chutes. Material chutes shall be provided for the three screen decks. The ground
clearance under the chutes shall be 36 inches plus or minus 2 inches when the plant is set up for
operation, level both transversely and longitudinally, and supported by the stabilizing jacks (all
wheels free to turn). The chute arrangement shall provide for not less than 4-1/2 foot clearance
between centerlines of the discharge end of the chutes.
3.8 Electrical system.
3.8.1 Electric motors. The electric motors shall be 1,800-rpm, 440-volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle,
ball-bearing, squirrel-cage induction, continuous-rated, totally-enclosed, fan-cooled, design "C"
in accordance with NEMA MG-1, integral-horsepower, class "A" insulation, temperature rise
55 C. All motors shall be provided with mounting brackets. Bearings shall be in accordance
with FF-B-171, type as applicable, double-seal class, packed with grease conforming to

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