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other than securing against a shoulder shall be subject to the approval or the contracting officer
for each specific application.
3.10.3 Water system. A spray pipe with a diameter of not less than 3 inches and a length of
approximately 18 inches shall receive water from a 6-inch header water inlet pipe mounted on
the unit and shall have a valve for regulating the flow of water. The connection between the
header pipe on the unit and the pump line shall be made by a 6-inch rubber pressure hose
equipped with flanges at both ends. The valve shall conform to WW-V-58, class 1, type to suit
the application. The water system mounted on the unit shall drain without opening any
3.10.4 Discharge chute. A discharge chute shall be provided for discharging materials from
the drum into the hopper of the vibrator screen. The material shall be discharged evenly over the
width of the vibrating screen. The discharge cylinder on the scrubber may be considered as the
discharge chute if it performs the same function.
3.11 Vibrating screen. The vibrating screen shall be 4 feet wide by 10 feet long, with three
decks. The top deck shall have a 1-inch-square-opening, the second deck a 1/2-inch-square-
opening, and the bottom deck a 1/4-inch-square-opening screen cloth. The vibrating screen shall
consist of a live frame with screen cloths, a vibrating mechanism, suitable vibration isolators,
and drive, and may include a stationary frame. Chutes and hoppers for feed and discharge shall
be provided.
3.11.1 Stationary frame. When provided, the stationary frame shall be structural steel or
3.11.2 Live frame. The live frame of the screen assembly shall be of steel plates on
structural steel members with crossmembers to hold the screen cloths. The frame shall prevent
movement of the screen cloth during full-load operation. The crossmembers shall create a
longitudinal crown of not less than 1/2 inch in the screen cloth. A molded neoprene cushion
shall be provided between the screen cloths and the crossmembers. Screen cloths shall be
changeable by using common tools. The frame shall be balanced to provide an even flow of
material across the full width of the cloth.
3.11.3 Screen cloth. Screen cloth shall be furnished in 5-foot by full width sections and shall
be in accordance with MS39127. Two 5-foot sections of each size shall be furnished in addition
to those specified in 3.11.

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