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Page Title: Vehicle marking
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Two plates, one on each side of the semitrailer at the kingpin, each with the
following wording:
"Warning. This kingpin is reversible, having 2-inch and 3-1/2-inch throat
diameters. When coupling this semitrailer to the dolly or to a truck-tractor, be
sure to use the correct end of the kingpin."
One plate located in a conspicuous place on the dolly having the following wording:
"Warning. Do not connect this dolly to any semitrailer unless a 3-1/2-inch
throat diameter kingpin is in place on the semitrailer." Wiring diagram. A plate containing a schematic wiring diagram shall be mounted
near the operator's position. The diagram shall show the physical location all wiring
interconnections in the same relationship as when they are installed. Identification marking of
wires, instruments, control devices, and connections shall be shown and shall coincide with
markings on the items installed. Electrical symbols shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-15,
WWhen additional electrical symbols are used for items not in MIL-STD-15, the meaning of the
symbol shall be defined by a note on the diagram.
3.25 Treatment and painting. The portions of the unit normally painted shall be cleaned,
treated, and painted in accordance with MIL-T-704, type A.
3.26 Vehicle marking. The marking or the semitrailer shall be in accordance with
MIL-STD-642. The total weight and reduced weight for highway transport or the unit
(see 3.1.2), and the weight of each sectionalized component shall be marked on the side in such a
manner as to be discernible. The prescribed tire pressure shall be marked near the tires. Lifting
and tiedown attachments shall be marked "LIFT HERE" or "TIEDOWN HERE", as applicable.
Marking of lifting and tiedown attachments for sections shall include the word:
3.27 Technical publications to accompany the unit. Such technical publications as are
specified shall be furnished (see 6.2).
3.28 Repair parts and maintenance tools. Such repair parts and maintenance tools as are
specified shall be furnished (see 6.2).
3.29 Toolbox. The unit shall be provided with one or more weatherproof toolbox(s) made of
steel not less than 0.071 inch thick. The toolbox lid shall be mounted on hinges conforming to
MS35829 with a 0.125-inch-diameter brass pin. The toolbox lid shall open to at least 90 degree

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