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Page Title: Welders and welding.
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3.32.1 Steel fabrication. Steel used in the fabrication of the unit shall provide original
quality surface finish and shall be free from kinks and sharp bends. Steel having eroded surfaces
is not acceptable. The forming of material shall be done by methods that will not cause damage
to the metal. Shearing and chipping shall be done neatly and accurately. Corners shall be square
and true, and all sharp edges and burrs shall be removed. Burned surfaces of flame-cut material
shall be free of burrs, sharp edges, and slag. Precautions shall be taken to avoid overheating, and
heated metals should be allowed to cool slowly except where heat treatment is required. All
bends of a major character shall be made with metal dies or fixtures to insure uniformity of size
and shape.
3.32.2 Welders and welding. Welder qualification. Welder qualification shall be in accordance with
MIL-STD-1261. Welding. Welding of steel shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1261, and as
specified herein except that joint welding procedures are not required for class 1 and class 2
steels. Aluminum welding. Aluminum welding shall be done by the metal-inert-gas
method or any other method that will provide equivalent mechanical properties of the filler metal
to base metal combinations. All aluminum welds shall be made by the automatic-machine
method. All welds shall be made at a uniform rate of speed. Complete and uniform penetration
and fusion of the metals shall be obtained on all welds. Aluminum welds may be ground, filed,
wire brushed, or chipped but shall not be hammered. Preheating for welding is permissible
provided the temperature does not exceed 400 F. for a total time of 30 minutes. No process
requiring the use of welding flux shall be used.
3.32.3 Brazing. Brazing of steels, copper alloys, and nickel alloys shall conform to
MIL-B-7883. Brazing of aluminum and aluminum alloys shall not be permitted.
3.32.4 Castings. Castings shall be sound and free from patching, misplaced coring, warping,
or any other defect which might render the casting unsound for its intended use.
3.32.5 Bolted connections. Bolt holes shall be accurately formed or drilled and shall have
the burrs removed. Washers or lockwashers shall be provided where necessary. All bolts, nuts,
and screws shall be correctly torqued. Matching thread areas securing bolts or capscrews shall
be of sufficient strength to withstand the tensile strength of the bolt.

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