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Page Title: Front and rear intervehicular connections.
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stationary with respect to the crusher during all transport operations. The adaptor shall be
equipped with positive manually operated locks and fasteners and with operational instructions
that shall permit two men to install and remove the adaptor with common tools in not more than
1 hour. Retaining brackets shall be provided on the crusher for stowing the auxiliary fifth wheel
adaptor when not in use. Rear towing components. Towing components shall be furnished on the rear of the
semitrailer as specified and in accordance with SAE J849 for doubles trailer application, except
as specified herein. Front and rear intervehicular connections. The semitrailer shall be furnished with
airbrake couplings specified in 3.14.5 and electrical receptacles specified in 3.14.6 for
connecting (1) the truck-tractor to the semitrailer, (2) the dolly to the semitrailer and (3) other
trailers to the semitrailer. The front connections shall comply with SAE J702 and the rear
connections with SAE J849. Service brake couplings shall be on the curb side, color coded blue,
and emergency brake couplings shall be on the road side, color coded red. Clearance about the
couplings and receptacles shall allow operating personnel to connect the truck-tractor, or dolly
hoses and harness to the semitrailer, and from the semitrailer to towed trailers without
interference with other components. Each airbrake coupling shall be protected with a
spring-type, metal, dust cover. The front electrical receptacle shall have leads terminating within
a waterproof, electrical, semitrailer-type commercial nosebox or junction boxes.
3.14.2 Rear suspension. The rear of the semitrailer shall be mounted on single wide base
wheel and tire, multiple-axle suspension system. The suspension manufacturer's rated capacity
of the suspension assembly shall be not less than the loading imposed on the suspension,
measured at the ground, with all components of the crusher assembled for rock crushing
operation. The suspension shall be of the equalizing type, shall be equipped with elastomer
bushings or blocks that eliminate the need for lubrication, shall have elastomer bumpers at the
limit of articulation, and shall provide freedom from brake hop. Each axle shall be rated by the
axle manufacturer at a commercial highway usage, capacity rating of not less than 25,000 pounds
and shall be loaded for this application not to exceed that specified in 3.14 when measured at the
ground. Bearing cones, bearings, and bearing cups shall be furnished by the same bearing
manufacturer. The suspension shall be in correct alinement with the frame and with the axles so
that the diagonal measurements from the true center of the kingpin to the outer center of each
spindle on the axle do not differ in excess of 1/8 inch for every 20 feet or fraction thereof in
diagonal distance. Each subsequent axle shall be parallel to the front axle of multiple axle
suspensions such that the axle wheelbases on each side do not differ in excess of 1/8 inch. Axle
alinement measurements specified herein shall be made in accordance with SAE J875 or by other
methods of equal accuracy. Multiple axle wheelbases shall be not less than 50 inches center-to-
center. Suspension mounts shall be installed on the frame and the axles in accordance with the
suspension and axle manufacturer's recommendations.

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