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Page Title: Specimens for test
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Minimum operating life
Power Supply:10516158 (Transistorized)
Disposition of rejected lots

acceptable to the Government. The Govern-
4.4 Lot formation. When inspection lot
ment reserves the right to perform any of
sizes and lot formations are applicable, they
the inspections set forth in the specification
shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105
where such inspections are deemed' neces-
and shall also be defined in the contractor's
sary to assure supplies and services con-
inspection system.
form to prescribed requirements.
4.4.1 Defective units and lots. Defective
4.2 General requirements. Except where
units and lots shall be processed as specified
otherwise specified herein, the contractor's
in MIL-STD-105 and shall not be included
inspection system shall be in accordance with
as a part of the quantity specified in the
contract until formal approval is obtained.
4.3 Classification of tests. Inspection and
4.5 Material. Control of material shall be
testing shall be classified as follows:
in accordance with test data requirements
(a) Qualification tests
of MIL-I-45208.
(b) Acceptance tests
4.6 Inspection equipment. Supply, calibra-
4.3.1 Qualification tests. Qualification tests
tion, maintenance and use of inspection
shall consist of tests for all the requirements
equipment shall be in accordance with MIL
of this specification. These tests shall be per-
formed in a Government laboratory by
Government personnel.
4.6.1 Accuracy requirements. Inspection
equipment which incorporates features for Specimens for test. A total of three
measuring values or sizes established by
specimens shall be submitted for qualifica-
product requirements shall be capable of
tion approval. The specimens shall be fin-
measuring those values within an accuracy
ished products representative of the mate-
of ten percent of the specified tolerance
rials and workmanship used in the manu-
except as specified in 4.6.2. In cases where
facture of the items to be furnished under
the ten percent accuracy imposes impractical
this specification.
or very difficult design and fabrication
problems, or results in a test equipment cost Qualification approval. Facilities
factor which is exorbitant in relation to
submitting specimens for Qualified Products
the cost and application of the product to
List (QPL) testing shall be Placed on the
be inspected, the Government shall be ex-
QPL if the specimens submitted meet all
peditiously advised in order that necessary
the conditions of this specification. Failure
appropriate action can be taken.
to meet all of these requirements shall be
cause for refusa] to grant qualification ap-
4.6.2 Inspection equipment design require-
ments. The inspection equipment used to
measure the direct current (dc) input volt-
4.3.2 Acceptance tests. Acceptance tests
age to the power supply shall be capable of
shall consist of an inspection for those char-
measuring that voltage within two percent
acteristics listed in tables V and VI.
of the required value. The inspection equip-
ment used to measure the input current Final acceptance. Final acceptance
drawn by the power supply shall be capable
of a lot of finished products shall be with-
of measuring that current within five per-
held by-the Government inspector until the
cent of the required values.
sample products, representative of that lot,
have satisfactorily met the applicable re-
4.7 Acceptance inspection.
quirements of this specification.

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