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Page Title: Front bumper and towing devices
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3.8.15 Front bumper and towing devices. " A heavy duty, full width, front
bumper, and two hooks shall be provided at the front of the truck.  The bumper
shall be polished stainless steel.  A stainless steel grab rail, not less than
12 inches long, shall be provided on the cab front not more than 4 inches below
the windshield to facilitate personnel stepping up onto the extended bumper.
The front bumper shall extend out not less than 18 in. to provide a step at the
front of the cab/truck.  A trough shall be provided in the center of the bumper
for storage of not less than 150 feet of 1-1/2 inch double jacket fire hose.
The space between the front bumper and cab shall be decked with heavy gage
aluminum diamond plate.  The two front tow hooks shall be mounted to the frame
or rigid members which are attached to the frame.  When access to the two front
tow hooks are furnished through the front cab panel, access holes with hinged
cover plates shall be provided.  Two towing rings or comparable U-bolts, not
less than 2-1/2 inch inside diameter, shall be provided at the rear of the truck
and mounted directly to the chassis side rails.
3.9 Cab.  The truck shall have a four (4) door fully enclosed cab.  The cab
roof shall have a removable weather-proofed section over the engine area to
allow for engine and transmission removal without having to dismantle the cab.
The rear outside wall shall be covered with aluminum treadplate.  The engine
compartment cover shall be insulated against heat and noise and allow for
readily accessible engine maintenance, servicing and ventilation.
3.9.1 Cab construction.  The cab shall be all aluminum, reinforced, welded
The cab interior width dimension shall be not less than 88
inches .  With the driver's seat in the rearmost position, cab width shall be
measured at the floor on a transverse line through a vertical plane, 6 inches
forward of the driver's seat cushion.  Aluminum sheet metal used in construction
of the cab shall be at least .0.125 inch thick.  The cab shall provide
unobstructed seating and head room for a minimum of four persons fully clothed
in firefighting gear.  In the forward section of the cab, seats shall be
provided for one passenger and a driver, and in the rear, two jump seats shall
be furnished.  The passenger seat is to be a jump seat designed to accommodate
an air pack as described in 3.9.2.  The cab doors shall be ample size for easy
access and shall be equipped with roll-down windows and polished stainless steel
6 inch scuff plates at the bottom of each door.  The doors shall be provided
with locks and with at least the front curbside door equipped with an external
key-operated lock.  Grab handles shall be provided on each side of the fire
truck at each cab door and inside the cab on the inside of the cab doors or at
the end of the instrument panel.  The outside grab handles shall be of a
non-twist and nonslip design, polished stainless steel, and shall be not less
than 1-1/4 inch id.  A step shall be provided at each cab door and shall have an
aluminum, nonslip tread surface.  All steps shall sustain a minimum static load
of 500 pounds without deformation and shall have skid-resistant surfaces.  Each
step shall be of maximum width and depth to permit safe entry and exit for
firefighters wearing firefighting foot gear.  The maximum stepping height of
steps and platforms shall not exceed 18 inches with the exception of the ground
to first step.  Safety glass shall be provided throughout the cab.  A dome light
shall be provided in the front of the cab and above each jump seat in the rear.
Each dome light shall have it's own individual switch.  Lights installed in the
door well\step area shall be activated when the door is opened along with the
front dome light,  Rubber boots shall be provided for all floor board openings.
Directional reading/map lights, each with their own switch, shall be installed
on the forward cab overhead.  Dual padded sun visors shall be provided.  Sound

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