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Page Title: Tank mounting
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to the operator's control panel.  The tank suction pipeline, valves, tank fill
lines , and fittings shall withstand not less than 150 psi working pressure. Tank mounting.  The tank shall be supported on sills to cushion
shock and transfer the load to the truck frame.  The tank shall be so mounted
and attached to the chassis that it can be removed without removing the truck
body .  The tank mounting device shall be designed as to allow for frame flexing
without transferring stress forces to the water tank.
3.11.5 Main h ose bed.  The hose bed shall be provided with sufficient
capacity for stowing not less than 1,200 feet of 3-inch and 800 feet of
2-1/2-inch double gasketed, polyester, rubber lined, lightweight fire hose. The
overall hose bed shall be subdivided lengthwise with aluminum partitions to form
four separate hose beds as follows:  one permanent aluminum partition to form a
hose bed 4 5/8 inches wide located on the left/driver's side and the remaining
area is to be subdivided into three hose storage areas by use of two adjustable
partitions,  Body panels and partitions shall be of the same height. The
compartment body and partitions shall be reinforced so as to offer no
obstruction to paying out or loading of hose.  The hose bed floor shall be
removable slatted aluminum.  The interior of the hose bed shall be free from all
projecting nuts, sharp angles, or brackets.  Exposed bolt or rivet heads shall
be of the oval type.  The equipment holders shall be planned so as not to
obstruct the loading or removal of fire hose.
pm ent comparments .  All equipment compartments specified herein
shall be made of aluminum with a minimum thickness of 0.090 inch, except when
noted otherwise.  Compartment doors shall be reinforced for strength and
rigidity and be the flush-lap type.  Stainless steel door handles shall be
recessed in the door and shall be the " D" type handle construction operable with
heavy gloved hands.  All equipment compartments shall be designed for storage of
items that require exposure protection from water and dirt.  The doors shall be
attached with full-length stainless steel piano hinges (hinges are not to be
painted).  The doors shall be heavy-duty, reinforced, double panel type with
exterior plate thickness to be not less than 0.090-inch aluminum, and the
interior door panel to be constructed of not less than 0.090-inch aluminum. The
compartment doors shall be fully gasketed with heat resistant, neoprene sponge
type material to insure a watertight seal.  The doors shall be equipped with a
Cleveland style stainless steel spring type door hold open device that will
limit door opening but allow for easy one hand release for closure. Door
catches and latches shall be heavy-duty type and shall be corrosion-resistant.
Each compartment shall be illuminated.  The compartment lights shall be
controlled by a master control switch with an indicator light, located on the
pump instrument panel.  Each compartment light shall have it's own individual
door switch that will energize the light when the door is opened.  A red
flashing warning light shall be mounted on the forward area of the cab overhead
to warn the driver if there is any compartment door open or ajar.  Electrical
comections/connection blocks located inside compartments shall have insulation
protection against contact with items stored within the compartments.
Provisions shall be incorporated into the compartment design to permit flushing
and cleaning of the inside.  Design of the compartment shall prevent entry of
dirt and water with doors closed.  Drip rails shall be provided over each
compartment to allow water run-off to be directed away from door tops and sides-
Compartment space shall not be compromised to accommodate piping/plumbing.

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